Can “The New Normal” live up to its hype?

Will The New Normal live up to it's hype

One of the most talked about series of the new fall season is The New Normal. Its executive produced by Ryan Murphy, the same man behind Glee and a personal favorite of mine, American Horror Story. So far two episodes have aired and I have to say, I like it. The pilot grabbed me. It had all of the Ryan Murphy elements — witty, sarcastic, and quick with a hint of under toned racism (But in a funny way). It features Andrew Randnells and Justin Bartha who play Bryan and David. They are a happy gay couple who discover they want to be parents. In comes Georgia King as Goldie Clemmons, a single mother who has decided to carry their baby and her adorable daughter Shania played by Bebe Wood. (I’m a sucker for a cute kid in a sitcom).  We can’t forget about the wonderfully hilarious, Ellen Barkin, who plays the racist and homophobic great gran Jane.

Listen, we know the deal. NBC has been trying to get their “must see TV” back since the end of Friends and Will & Grace. They might finally be on the right track with this one.

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