Was That Just “LOST” on TV??

So, I’m eating dinner in front of the TV (Don’t tell my mom. I wasn’t raised that way.) while my roommate is catching up on last night’s “Revolution” premiere. I had no prior interest in picking up the show. As a full-time employee, grad student, and now contributor of a fabulous TV blog, I simply didn’t have the time–despite J.J. Abrams having produced two of my all-time favorite shows, “Felicity” and “LOST.” And I think I made the right choice…

What is going on with Abrams? For a second there, I had to check myself to make sure I wasn’t transported back a few years, watching “LOST.” Everything about the show–the loss of techonology, the breakdown of society, the mysterious characters that by now you know have a sordid past, Elizabeth Mitchell’s casting, and especially the plane that seemed to have fallen right out of the sky–was stripped right from “LOST” and placed onto a new network. Seems Abrams’ style and formula are getting a little stale. I found those eight minutes rather unwatchable.

Did anyone else see it? What’d you think? Am I right…or have I totally lost my mind?

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