What to Watch Thursday

What to Watch Thursday – NBC’s Thursday’s “Must See TV” begins, X-Factor auditions #4, Glee’s Britany 2.0 and SNL begins their Weekend Update Specials.

8:30 pm Up All Night (NBC) | Season 2 premiere: Reagan’s brother (Best Friends Forever’s Luka Jones) shows up, Chris goes back to work and Ava’s show gets axed.

9 pm The Office (NBC) | Season 9 premiere: The Dunder Mifflin crew’s final season begins with a newly empowered Andy taking charge.

9:30 pm Parks and Recreation (NBC) | Season 5 premiere: Leslie and Andy visit Ben and April at their new jobs in Washington, D.C. – running into some big-name pols in the process — while Ron throws a barbecue for the staff.

8pm The X-Factor (Fox) | Episode 4 auditions are underway. How many odd faces will Britney make tonight?


9 pm Glee (Fox) | Britney’s gonna hit you baby, again.

8 pm Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Thursday (NBC) | The late-night series’ cast offers up 30 minutes of live, politics-related sketch comedy.

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