“Glee’s” Britney 2.0 is finally here. Did it live up to your expectations?


Here’s what you missed on Glee.

“Britney 2.0” – Brittney S. Spears is doing a voice over and we learn that she has missed Santana and it’s been a rough summer. This then cuts to Brittney meeting with Coach Sylvester over her disappointment of Brittney drawing on her algebra test like a kindergartener, thus receiving an F – and getting kicked off the Cheerios. Please allow me to vent for a minute. Okay, I bought “idiot Brittney” for the last three seasons. But all of her peers have graduated and her girlfriend has graduated. Do we really have to continue to be subjected to an intellectual Brittney? I’m not even asking for much, but can she at least complete a test in blue or black ink, instead of crayon? I no longer find “idiot Brittney” entertaining. Ryan Murphy, I’m asking for a little character growth here.

While Brittney spends the rest of the episode trying to find herself, we check in with Rachel and Kurt in NYC. Kurt’s still not doing much; hopefully we’ll see him at least trying to find a job next week. Meanwhile, while Rachel isn’t asking about Finn every minute because she still hasn’t heard from her boyfriend / ex-fiancé she’s jabbing with her dance teacher Cassandra July and flirting with hot upperclassman, Brody.

Here are my thoughts on tonight’s musical performances:

(C +) “Hold it Against Me” Talk about a random. I don’t understand how this song has anything to do with the monologue Britney just gave.

(B) “Boys / Boyfriend” mash up. I’m a little bias. Arty and Blaine can do no wrong with me. But I’ll admit I didn’t like the song when it first started but throw in some Bieber and I’m there.

(B) “Womanizer” The girls of Glee have found a new crush and surprise, surprise its Jake. I appreciate the smooth transition from story to song that I feel Glee has lost in past seasons, however this still felt forced.

(A) “3” I do love Tina’s voice and I’m excited to get to hear her more this season. We get to appreciate three solid voices in Tina, Sam, and Joe.

(C-) “Crazy” Are they really shoving Jake and Marley down our throats already? I’m not feeling it just yet. I would have liked for them to have build up to this instead of jumping head first into this “relationship.” If Jake and Marley are supposed to the new “Rachel and Finn” they have some work to do.

(B +) “Oops! I Did It Again” Rachel wanted to prove she could be sexy. So she puts on a slinky short dress and does her best to give off sex appeal. As much as I love Lea Michele and think the actress herself can rock a sexy look, I don’t get it from Rachel Berry and I was more than happy to see Cassandra July put her in her place after Rachel got out of pocket. Boo, boo you’ve been a freshman for like two seconds. Why don’t you simmer down?

(D) “Gimme More” Heather Morris went from last season’s “I’m a Slave 4U” to this?  Well it was supposed to be an awful performance and it was.

(C) “Everytime” Maybe part of the reason I didn’t like this cover was because it was never one of my favorite Britney songs.

My grievances: The first time we see Santana, it’s via web chat and all we get is Brittney complaining to her about getting kicked off the Cheerios? I miss Santana and her snarky insults!

Yay! We get to see interaction between engaged couple Will and Emma. Oh wait, NEVERMIND, we don’t because all we get is 30 seconds of a hushed conversation about Britney.

Last week, I was gun ho about this new season of Glee. I thought it was refreshing to get to see Rachel in New York and the new Glee students. While still excited and curious about what was in store for the characters we didn’t get to see. This week, it was too rushed, just as I was interested in one storyline, they jumped to another. Like can I get a minute to digest what I just saw? Shit.

Where does Mr. Shue get off introducing Puckerman to his little brother Jake?! Talk about being completely inappropriate. I would have liked this more if at least a parental guardian was in the chorus room waiting with Puck.

Where the hell are Rachel and Kurt living? Aside from the awesome exposed brick, it looks like a building where rapists take victims to kill.

I didn’t get one decent one liner this week. What the hell is up with that?

“Britney 2.0” didn’t do it for me. Last year “Britney / Brittney” was such a huge production. This fell short to me. I would have appreciated they waited to do this tribute episode until they had a solid reason to do so.

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