Emmy Recap: Now That the Comedy Category Has Closed

Well, we’re an hour into the Emmys and we’ve just about closed out the Comedy category.

“Modern Family” has won big, taking home the Best Supporting Actor, the Best Supporting Actress, and the Best Comedy Writing awards. The show deserves it. It’s funny, heartfelt, and very “now.” It works hard to integrate gay lifestyle into modern society, and that’s very important these days. Three seasons in, and the laughs are still coming. It’s unfortunate that all the actors out-compete each other, with all of the show’s leading males filling out the Best Supporting Actor category. They’re all phenomenal. I think Sofia Vergara’s performance is overrated (she’s good, but Emmy material? Eh, I dunno.). But, Julie Bowen is funny! And for anyone who has seen her in a dramatic role (throwback to “LOST”), you know how well she can do that, too!

Surprisingly, Julia Louis-Dreyfus won Best Leading Actress in a Comedy Series for “Veep.” I’ve seen the show once or twice. It’s solid; my DVR list was just too full to handle it. Interestingly, she has now tied Lucille Ball for the record number of wins for a comedic actress. You go, girl! Love Lucy!!

Finally, Jon Cryer won Best Leading Actor in a Comedy Series for “Two and a Half Men.” I’ve never watched the show, so I’m indifferent to his nomination. Looking at everyone else in the category, I don’t think anyone got snubbed, per se.

That’s what we’ve gotten so far. Have you been tuning in? What do you think?

One thought on “Emmy Recap: Now That the Comedy Category Has Closed

  1. Im loving it so far! def the most entertaining it has been in years. though the julia luis dreyfus and amy poehler skit- kinda lame, fell short for me. jon cryer- acceptance speech really! that is life imitating art way to much! but as always melissa mccarthy killed it!

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