EMMYS FINALE: That was an abrupt ending!

The big winners of tonight were MODERN FAMILY! HOMELAND! and GAME CHANGE!  Just as many predicted!

Kind of an uncomfortable ending of the show, when just as Steven Levitan, “Modern Family” showrunner, was wrapping up his speech, the music got louder, the camera pulled away to a wide shot, the mic was cut, and the spotlight was turned off.  Eek!  It was only 10:58, you couldn’t give the guy a few more seconds?  Jimmy Kimmel popped up in another spotlight only a few feet away to awkwardly say good night.  But oh well, I guess… “Modern Family” has already won twice before!

So happy for “Homeland,” one of my absolute favorite shows on TV, and its stars Claire Danes and Damian Lewis (in a surprising win!)  Miniseries/TV Movie shoe-ins Julianne Moore and Jessica Lange picked up awards for “Game Change” and “American Horror Story,” and Tom Hanks randomly accepted for the “Game Change” TV Movie win.  “Game Change” also won for Directing (Jay Roach) and Writing (Danny Strong… who used to be on “BUFFY”!!!!!!!)

Check back tomorrow to get more of our thoughts on the winners, the outfits, and the best/worst moments of the show!  Good night Hollywood!

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