Want to Know a Secret?

Ain’t nothing like a sneak peek, y’all, right?

Well, I just saw an ad this morning claiming that THE FULL PILOT OF ABC’S NASHVILLE IS UP FOR YOUR VIEWING ON ABC.COM!!!!

Ok, I know I need to calm down. But, words cannot express how excited I am about this show. Why? For one thing, I am as avid a country music fan as they come! New country, old country, country rock…you name it. To me, no other genre of music so accurately captures life and the emotions that come along with it. For another thing, I love the city of Nashville itself. Ever been? Crazy fun! And you really don’t have to be a country music fan to love it. It’s got quite the spirit…and quite the food (though, I will warn you to bring some Pepto, because after three days of that heavy, barbecue sauce-laden shit, your stomach isn’t too happy with you). But, the real reason I am so 100% on board with this show is because I love, love, love Connie Britton. Girlfriend has had me hooked on her talent since season 1 of Friday Night Lights. She is an incredible actress and can handle quite the range of material (proven through her work on last season of American Horror Story). She did “Texas” so well as Tammy Taylor, and I’m positive that a country music legend is going to suit her just as well. Plus, I can’t wait to hear her sing!

So, head on over to ABC.com and watch the darn thing. I know I sure am going to! Personal bias aside, I have heard amazing things about the show.

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