“The Mindy Project” In the Club

The Mindy Project was a pilot that I liked but didn’t love. I decided to give it a few episodes before I made a final decision to keep it on my DVR list. Tonight, I decided I loved this show.Tonight’s episode was titled “In the club” and I was gettin’ down in my living room. This show is three episodes in and every single one has featured some hot music! 

M.I.A “Bad Girls” – They featured this one in the pilot. It was while Mindy was riding around on some bike drunk. Have you heard this amazing song from M.I.A yet? If not, you need to get to iTunes and download it quick. It’s everything M.I.A does well – catchy beat, hot lyrics and a political message. I won’t bore you with the specifics, google it if you really care.

Timberland featt Keri Hilson “The Way I Are” – This was on constant repeat when I was in college. Love, love, love this song.

Trey Songz feat T.I “2 Reasons” – This song has been on my radar for a minute! It’s one of those songs that comes on in a club and people go nuts. My own personal fab line is, “she got no booty, but she came from the burbs…” LOL! When I heard this song play in tonight’s episode, I knew I was going to love it.

Vado feat Camron “Speaking in Tongues” – Danny Costenello can DANCE! I can officially get on Mindy dating him -when that eventually happens. Plus Mindy finally got that invite to the VIP section, because, “It’s a scientific fact that black guys love Indian women.”

Busta Rhymes feat MOP “Ante up” – In what world is this not an amazing song? You want to pre-game? Great song. House party? Great song. In the club? You betta work.

Nicki Minaji “Pound the Alarm” – Despite all of the nonsense going on with Nicki and American Idol and poor Mariah, this song is the PERFECT way to get your energy up and for things to get poppin off. It’s on my workout playlist now! When they played this at the end of the episode, I started dancing in my living room.

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