Best TV Moments of 2012

As 2012 comes to a close, the staff at Save It for the Commercial Break put together some of our top shows. The TV moments of 2012 were filled with tears, laughs, bitch slaps, back stabbing, terrorism and HONEY BOO BOO! Without further ado, here are the picks!

Editor’s note: All of our picks contain spoilers!

Mark’s Top TV shows/moments for 2012

Homeland: Season 2, Ep. 11 – After Carrie goes back to the warehouse that Abu Nazir had her tied up in, she discovers that he’s still there, behind all the pipes and gates and fake walls!  An epic chase and fight happens in the dark facility, and Nazir almost kills Carrie, but thankfully the team runs in and kills Nazir.  Carrie is a genius! And tough!

Revenge: Season 1, Ep. 22 (finale) – All of the insane cliffhangers!  Victoria is thought t be dead in a plane crash thanks to the White Haired Man, whom Emily decided not to kill! Charlotte swallowed pills after the news of her mother’s death. Amanda is back, and pregnant with Jack’s baby! And…Nolan shows Emily a video that proves Emily’s mother is still alive! WHOA! Plus, “Seven Devils” by Florence and the Machine in the background really adds to all the slow-mo goodness. (Funmi says, “Mark, you’re so right about “Seven Devils” playing during the closing scenes! It was pulled together perfectly!)

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo: Season 1, Ep. 9 – At the end of the episode, when Alana sneezes and we see the snot shoot out of her nose.  Not only did I howl with laughter for several minutes, I immediately started looking for gifs of the snot rocket.

My honorary mentions:

American Horror Story: Asylum: Season 2, Ep. 5 – Lana (and the audience) realizes that Dr. Thredson is BLOODY FACE!  He surprisingly helps her sneak out of the asylum, and drives her to his house.  There, they discuss Bloody Face and how Lana is the person to write Dr. Thredson’s “story”… she then sees those nipples on the lampshade… the skull dish on the table… the lack of background music adds to the shock, tension, and horror!  Then down she falls into his sick basement.

Catfish: The TV Show: Season 1, Ep. 1 – Sunny realizes the guy she’s been talking to all this time online is… actually an unfriendly lesbian.  Their meeting is tense, upsetting, and great television.  The movie “Catfish” was great, and the show is a weekly must-see for these heartbreaking and eye-opening surprises.

Parks & Rec: Season 4, Ep. 22 (Finale) – A pivotal moment for the show that brought tears to my eyes… After a recount, everyone realizes that Paul Rudd character Bobby Newport DIDN’T win, and that Leslie now has a City Council seat!  Her touching acceptance speech to her friends and supporters was the perfect ending to the season.  Yay for the underdogs!

Parks & Rec: Season 5, Ep. 5 – I couldn’t leave this one out!  It was another pivotal moment for the show, when Ben proposes to Leslie in their new apartment after he turns down a job in Florida.  She of course says, “Yes” right away… then adds a cute “Duh.”

Tom’s Top TV shows/moments for 2012:

Game Change – This was the TV movie event of the year. I’ve never been a hugely political person, but this movie engrossed me from the opening shots. Julianne Moore was brilliant as Sarah Palin, and the movie really dug beneath the surface to reveal what the McCain campaign did so wrong in the 2008 election. Most of all, though, for me, it was a stark realization that Sarah Palin wasn’t all at fault—she got thrown into the race after the camp did a poor job at their “homework”–and that, yes, she was much more “human” than I ever thought.

Nashville: Season 1, Ep. 1 (Pilot) – The pilot of ABC’s juicy show about the ins and outs of the country music industry was incredible. The production value was extremely high, the music was captivating (who can forget Sam Palladio’s and Clare Bowen’s duet), and both Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere shined in their roles as the aging country queen and the newest country sensation, respectively. The pilot was fast-paced, introduced a lot of subplots, and got right to the drama without wasting any time. I fell in love in no time!

True Blood: Season 5, Ep.12 – The very first episode of the series still remains near and dear to my heart because Sookie and Bill’s love-at-first-sight felt so real. I was made to believe from that very first episode that we would root for them all along and that they would ultimately end up in each other’s arms when the show eventually comes to a close. Season five, which was a mediocre season at best, pulled the rug right out from under me when they turned Bill into “Billith” in the final moments of the season finale. From what it seems (now there could always be some way to reverse this, but I doubt it), Bill Compton as we know him is dead and he is now a purely evil supernatural being. I remember sitting there in shock for a good five minutes afterward as the credits rolled. There go my hopes and dreams!

Funmis Top TV shows/moments for 2012:

American Horror Story: Asylum: Season 2, Ep. 5 – During the second season of AHS, I’ve felt so badly for Lana. She’s a woman who never deserved to be in insane asylum and was put there against her will. I have been rooting her her from the beginning. So even though I knew there was something off about Dr.Thredson I was excited that she was finally getting out! When he takes Lana to his house and she slowly begins to realize something is very wrong – the nipple skin lampshade… the skull candy dish!  When she runs to the “bathroom” but finds his “workshop” instead it is oh very chilling. The best part of the episode – Lana falling down the shaft to his basement.

Scandal: Season 2, Ep. 8 – Scandal has quickly become one of my new favorite shows and in “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” it was cemented as such. It’s President Fitz birthday and the last thing he wants to do is celebrate. His marriage is a complete sham and the love of his life, Olivia Pope is moving on. His wife has forced him to celebrate his birthday and on the way to the highly publicized gala – The President is shot! In a series of flashbacks we learn more about the passionate affair between Fitz and Olivia, her time working in the White House and the political intrigue surrounding Fitz’s presidency. At the end we learn the answer to the burning question, “Who shot the President?!” It appears to be Olivia’s right hand man and close confidant, Huck. WTF?!

Mad Men: Season 5, Ep. 12 – This season of Mad Men was phenomenal and this episode put it over the top. Lane had fallen on financial trouble – owing $8,000 in back taxes to London. In order to pay his debt, he embezzles the money from the agency. The moment he does this, you know things aren’t going to end well for Lane. When Don finds out, he demands Lane’s resignation. What you don’t expect is the way Lane decides to deliver it. In a heartbreaking turn of events, Lane types up his resignation letter and hangs himself in his office – leaving his partners to find him the next morning.

Breaking Bad: Season 5, Ep. 8 – For 5 seasons on Breaking Bad, Walter White has descended into darkness. He has gone from a kind, soft-spoken teacher, loving father and husband with a cancer diagnosis to the ruthless meth dealer Heisenberg and killer. This episode showed how evil Walter had become. After he murders his business partner Mike, he gets the names of nine of Mike’s people. One by one he has each of them killed and expands his meth business overseas. It appears the business can now run without issue – but after one final plea from his wife Skylar, he decides to get out. He finally gives Jesse his half of the money he owes him and gets out of the meth business for good. Walter has his family back together again. BUT WAIT, while in the bathroom, at a family BBQ – Walter’s brother-in-law, DEA agent Hank picks up Walter’s copy of “Leaves of Grass.” While skimming through he sees a note from Drug Lord Gale to Walter – reading – “my other W.W.” Hank realizes that Walter is the infamous Heisenberg. What a way to end the first half of the final season.

Alright, so those are our picks! What do you think? What were some of your favorite TV moments in 2012? Leave some comments and check back with us in 2013 – We’ve got new shows and new writers. See you in 2013! Happy New Year!

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