The return of “Girls” and “Shameless”

Next week marks the return of two of my favorite cable shows. Here’s a quick recap of what happened last year and my questions of what to expect this coming season. 


Girls (HBO) premiere Jan. 13: Last time we saw the 20 something ladies’ living in Brooklyn, Marnie was trying to find herself, while booty popping at Jessa’s wedding to Thomas-John. Hannah and Adam broke up after their fight over him moving in – which lead to poor Adam getting hit by a car. And Shoshanna lost her virginity to the odd, but hilarious Ray. What to expect when we see them all next week? Will Marnie get back together with her ex Charlie after getting a bit of “slutting it up” out of her system? Who’s Hannah going to obsess over now that she’s done with Adam? How will Shoshanna react to no longer being a virgin? And… how long will Jessa’s marriage really last?

ImageShameless (SHO) premiere Jan. 13: The Gallagher’s are back! Last time we saw them, crazy Monica tried to kill herself, and Karen gave birth to her baby and then abandoned it. Lip wises up and goes back to school and Jimmy aka Steve and Fiona try to make their relationship work. What’s in store for them this season? Will Karen come back for her baby? Will Jimmy and Fiona last? Will Lip graduate and go to college? And where’s Frank? 

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