New Tuesday TV – TV’s back in full force tonight ladies and gents. Here’s a list of shows to catch tonight.

New Girl – “Weird Weekend Double Dates” Jess, Sam, Nick and Angie have an interesting weekend getaway. Hopefully this is the episode where Nick and Jess start confronting their feelings for one another.

The Mindy Project – “Mindy’s Brother” Mindy’s little brother stops by and drops the bomb that he wants to become a rapper. Needless to say Mindy’s not happy about it.

Pretty Little Liars – “She’s Better Now” Mona’s out of the psych ward yall! What does this mean for the rest of the little liars? How long until Ezra finds out that Aria lied to him about his son? Pretty Little Liars is back from hiatus!

Happy Endings – “Ordinary Extraordinary Love” A hot young artist stops by Alex’s store and Penny turns the opportunity to get Alex some publicity. Meanwhile Brad and Dave try to be “men” and fix things.

The New Normal – “The Goldie Rush” Matt Bomer guest stars. That’s all that you need to know.

Cougar Town – “Blue Sunday” Sit back, grab some wine and enjoy the return of Cougar Town! Now airing on TBS, The cul-de-sac crew is back! Grayson and Jules adjust to marriage, wine will heavily be involved.

Parenthood – “Small Victories” Joel and Julia question their parenting skills; Drew and Amy receive life changing news.

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