Welcome Preston Willis! New writer for Pretty Little Liars

We’ve got another fabulous addition to our writing staff! Please join me in welcoming Preston Willis! He will be writing every week on Pretty Little Liars. Read below for his thoughts on the winter premiere.

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS – “SHE’S BETTER NOW” written by Preston Willis

“..you spent 2 years majoring in torture..” – Hanna to Mona

I started the Pretty Little Liars winter premiere with a moment of silence for my imaginary best friend Garrett Reynolds.  The recap reminded us of his untimely death and I was sad all over again.  Say what you want, but Garrett (Yani Gellman) was hands down one of the best, and coolest, villains we’ve had on the show; I would’ve definitely joined the NAT club.  Moving along…


Mona spent the entire hour trying to convince everyone that she was back to normal and no longer psychotic.  Normal? No. Crazy? I say yes.  The episode started with Hanna’s nightmare coming true when she found Mona listening to her sleep.  I saw her pleading with Hanna but all I heard was “blah blah blah” because actions speak louder than words, and her actions were saying, “If you make me mad I’ll sneak into your room in the middle of the night and stab you!”  Speaking of knives, the next day at school Mona received a welcome back gift in the form of a brain with knife stuck in it.  I wonder how many episodes until we find out it was a real brain, Garrett’s maybe?  She seemed utterly disgusted, but I’m certain I saw her eyes light up when she was holding the knife in the middle of the hall is “ready to stab” formation.  Apparently I’m the only one who noticed because by the end of the episode the entire school was ready to vote Mona for Prom Queen, at this point I’m thinking she might actually win.  She’s also about 2 episodes away from getting her first Jason DiLaurentis hickey … there’s lust in that boys eyes!  Still, I’m not buying it.  I’m convinced she’s behind her knife-in-brain stunt and set the fire at the 5k.


If Mona wasn’t behind the sketchy acts, I’m putting the rest of my money on Toby (and his abs).  The episode opened with a tall lanky fellow in #allblackeverything who apparently has a midnight ritual of skateboarding through the streets of Rosewood.  I was certain it was Toby until “BOOM!” … Toby was the one trying to run him in his stolen/borrowed black Suburban.  Do I have a new favorite villain?!?!  I just may.  If Mona is still the ‘head A in charge,’ Toby is definitely the group co-chair.  Did you see the eye exchanges he had with Creepy Harold in the basement?  Mister janitor was visibly afraid when he saw Toby, or maybe he was wondering how he stood there for 8 minutes without blinking.  Toby spent most of the episode trying to distract Spencer and the other half looking creepy.  At some point I’d like for Spencer to stop having lines like “we’re so lucky you were here,” and “you’re the best thing in my life.”  We get it … Toby’s bad, Spencer doesn’t know she’s sleeping with the enemy.  No need to hit us over the head with it anymore.  But I’m very excited to see what’s in store for Toby for the rest of the season; and I applaud the show for waiting 26 minutes before Toby took his shirt off.  I was sure it’d be off in the first 10.


Damnit Aria.  You brought this entire Ezra baby daddy drama on yourself.  I texted you and told you stay out of it!  You didn’t respond but I know you got it!  Nevertheless, here you are stuck in the middle of it.  We all know you’re going to eventually come clean to Ezra I just hope it’s in the next 2 weeks.  On to more pressing Daddy Drama news … Mr. Montgomery is now the King of SHADE!  I was with Aria at the beginning, yelling at everyone who tried to slander our father, but come to find out he’s dirty! He was paying Ally! He damn near bruised her wrist in his office! He went HAM on Aria in her room Re: Meredith! Ugh … this is just a mess that I was not prepared for.  I don’t think he’s in cahoots with the A group, but they definitely left the door open for him to be Ally’s killer.  There’s going to be more and more dirt to uncover here, we’ll just call him Linus … #dirty.


We saw a lot of bad Lucas last season and the first half of this season.  Now it seems like good Lucas is trying to make a comeback.  I for one, like good Lucas, but was much more interested in the bad.  It’ll be interesting to see which one prevails.  Anywho, as SOON as I saw Lucas’ pimp walk in the hallway I yelled, “YOU GOT THAT SKATEBOARDING!”  When he later confirmed it I patted myself on the back.  The question now is, what did Lucas do to piss Toby off.  Something tells me Lucas isn’t too sure about the deal he made with the devil (and his abs) and was trying to get out of it.  But something also tells me that when Mona & Toby tell you do something, you do it.  The Lucas storyline has the most potential I think, because he’s involved in a lot more than we probably know of.  If anyone’s gonna try to blow the whistle on the entire operation it’s going to be him right into Hanna’s eager ears.


My new favorite character is Hanna’s grandmother.  She’s the only one that had me laughing during the episode.  I look forward to her added wit and humor in the weeks to come.  Not to mention she’s the only one that seems to be seeing things clearly! “If I were her, I’d fight til the death to have you as my friend,” she said to Hanna regarding Mona.  In other words: “…Hanna, you in danger girl.”


– Where is Mike?!

– Was I the only one not upset that Meredith got burned?

– Is Emily’s dad always going to have a “hey I’m in the military” shirt on?

– How much money did Linus Mr. Montgomery give to Ally?

– How long until the other killer Melissa comes back?

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