MONA MONA MONA! (Jan Brady voice)

Mona was doing the MOST in tonight’s appropriately titled episode.  She almost had me fooled a couple of times with her acts of tears.  But just like Spencer, I was not buying it.  First, her story about Creepy Harold stalking her sounded like she had memorized it, and it conveniently came too soon after the girls were in his office the night before.  Second, she’s out in the open ruining Spencer’s life.  We all know our resident Brain Queen lives for being the smartest girl in the room and Mona knew just what to do to get under her skin.  I, like Spencer, thought she had it in the bag but Mona came back at the end and stole her life the way Rachel McAdams stole Isla Fisher’s career (Isla who? … exactly).  Third, when Toby was “his boss was calling” I immediately pictured Mona on the other side looking like Cruella de Vil with a dalmatian spotted blue tooth in her ear.  That was later confirmed when Lucas told Hanna the story (she already knew) about him being ran over by Toby.  …and Fourth, then end scene with Mona back in her favorite hoodie she back from Hot Topic sealed the deal.  #dathoecray


So… Byron is officially a villain.  He may be a confused, dumb, manipulated villain yes, but a villain all the same.  No good is coming from him these days, Aria should be afraid to be up in that house with him.  I know that’s her dad and all, but we’ve all seen enough scary movies to know that once a family member gets taken over by the devil, you got’s to go!  In our PLL world the “devil” is Ally herself, and even though Mama & Aria tried to remind us that this entire show is trying to bring Ally’s killer to justice, we all know that Ally was probably bopped upside the head for a good reason.  Moving along, Byron showed his ass tonight.  He got creepy all up in Aria’s room basically letting her know he took the pages from Ally’s diary, and he totally Ike Turner’d Meredith while they were arguing.  For a moment I thought it was about to get real serious on ABC-Family and I wasn’t ready, I won’t be surprised if we see some bruises on Meredith in the coming weeks.


Last week I wasn’t sure where Good Lucas would prevail over Bad Lucas but it looks like he’s trying to come clean.  He’s back confiding to the love of his life Hanna and he afraid to leave his Power Ranger’s haven of a bedroom.  I’ve always liked Lucas so I hope he stays on the straight and narrow, but Mona & Toby are not going to let him drift off into oblivion as easily as he thinks.  I will say I’ve always wondered why Lucas always needed money.  He’s not poor, he doesn’t have a gambling or prostitute problem, why is he always moonlighting for money?!?! Makes no sense.


– I’m officially OVER Paige.  She’s the epitome of annoying and I hope she’s next on A’s kill list.

– Where’s Mama Aria’s new boo that she’s apparently “seeing?”

– I NEED for Hanna’s grandmother to be in EVERY episode.  I will not allow her absence again.

– Toby doesn’t say much these days, and I like it.

– Does this mean I have to start trusting Meredith? I hated her up until now but I’m thinking she might be a nice addition to the good guys side, especially with Byron acting a damn fool.

– Once again … WHERE IS MIKE?!




The shade that was thrown at Mona during the Decathlon meeting, I had the same face.


Right after Spencer got the text from A… Mona! You ain’t foolin’ nobody!


Byron be out of control!


“I think maybe it’s time you tell A to kill me to get back at you.” – Paige

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