“Shameless” Recap: ‘The American Dream’


Last night’s episode showed tension rising among the Gallagher clan, mainly between Fiona and Lip and later on, Frank and the kids.

Fiona is having second thoughts about taking the property tax money to fund her club promotion night. Unsure that she can pull it off, she continues to keep it a secret from the family and hopes to have it replaced in time. However, Lip realizes the money’s not there when he goes to add to the funds. Despite promising she’ll have it soon, Lip doesn’t trust her anymore. The pressure between Fiona and Lip continues to gain strength this week. I’m interested to see just how far things will get between them and how exactly it’ll start to affect the rest of the kids. In the meantime, Jimmy/Steve keeps getting followed by Beto, Nando’s trusty henchman, who’s job is to make sure that Steve walks the straight and narrow in order to be a model husband for Estefania to get her citizenship.

With V’s help, Fiona gets to work on promoting her club night, negotiating her cut, and using Kev’s mob liquor distributor to get a larger cut of the profits.Realizing she’ll need at least $5,000 to pay for top shelf liquor, she goes to Jimmy for help. Since he hasn’t been able to steal a car and still hasn’t found a straight job, he’s broke and can’t give her the money. We’ll see Jimmy try to sneak away from Beto to steal a car to get her the money. Unfortunately, Beto catches him and breaks his finger. 

Since Frank is back in town, he’s looking for a place to stay in the house. Not so fast, Frank! The house is full and none of the kids want you there. But Debbie being Debbie and always giving him a second chance lets Frank stay in her room, even going as far as to leave him with a hearty breakfast for when he wakes from his drunken stupor.When he does wake, he’s wreaking his usual havoc around the house from cutting Fiona’s jeans into shorts, eating the kids’ dinner, and almost burning down a living room chair.

Lip starts his community service and finds a new scheme to earn the property tax money. Making friends with Casper Duncan, the leader of City Youth, a North side volunteer organization of teens who help beautify Chicago one block at a time, Lip gets the idea to scam some quick money off of them. Later on at school, Mandy convinces Lip that he should be in charge of the family’s money, not Fiona. After overhearing that Lip needs teacher recommendations for future college applications, she also decides to take a more proactive role in enticing Lip to better himself and apply to college. It’s nice to see that Mandy is starting to care about Lip in this way. She realizes that while she doesn’t really have a future or at least one that she’s thinking about for herself, that he could have one and she doesn’t seem to want to hold him back from it.

Mickey’s back in town too! Surprising Ian while he’s getting it on with his ROTC buddy, Mickey reunites with Ian and reveals that he missed him during his time in juvi. Ian’s not sure what to make of it and whether Mickey has real feelings for him other than sexual ones. I’m looking forward to seeing how things go down in next week’s episode with Mickey meeting Jimmy’s dad, Ian’s current lover.

Sheila and Jody

Sheila and Jody are still getting use to life with a colicky Hymie. He never stops crying. While throwing out the garbage and exhausted from the lack of sleep, Sheila accidentally leaves Hymie on top of the trash can.  As the garbage truck approaches, Sheila panics and races back to grab him before he’s tossed into the trash dumpster. He’s saved! Jody and Sheila decide to hire Debbie to babysit that night in order to get some rest. After not being able to console a yet still crying Hymie during a walk, Debbie goes to Frank for help at the Alibi. In true Frank form, he runs away after hearing there’s a chick outside with a baby. Realizing it’s Debbie, he feeds Hymie a bit of Valium, which puts him promptly to sleep. 

Debbie and Frank

The most heartbreaking scene of last night’s episode starts off with Frank bringing home two of his very drunk friends to stay and sleep. The kids revolt and fight with him to prevent them from staying and taking their food and shelter. Getting in their way, Lip and Ian stop them from going up the stairs, telling Frank he’s not welcomed there anymore. But the drunks prevail and get upstairs to Debbie’s room, where they promptly begin destruction- one of them even peeing on her floor. After pushing Fiona into the door, Frank falls onto Debbie’s history project – a log cabin, calling it a piece of sh*t, setting Debbie off. Debbie runs to grab her bag of soap – her defense weapon when walking back home from babysitting- and beats Frank with it, leaving everyone in shock. The boys end up throwing Frank in the dumpster, where he rightfully belongs. That was great acting by Debbie’s portrayer,  Emma Kenney. We’ve never seen Debbie blow her top like that and I think it was refreshing that she lashed out. She decided she couldn’t take Frank’s lack of parenting anymore and his constantly disappointing her. 

Upset that the kids threw him out, Frank decides to make an anonymous call to Child Services. Later, he seeks shelter at Sheila’s house and promises to help with Hymie – again drugging him. Sheila lets him staying calling him a “baby whisperer.”

Some more turmoil we’ll see in next week’s episode will be between my favorite couple, Kev and Veronica. Unbeknownst to V, Kev has a wife and possibly a son. Not knowing where else to turn, V decides to stay the night with the Gallaghers. 

Fiona MoneyAfter skimming off of another promoter’s email list and unknowingly the help of Lip’s second scheme with the North side kids that an impromptu Wilco concert is taking place there, the club is packed. Despite making $10,000 in profits, Fiona’s disappointed when she comes up short only making $900- after paying off Meg, the wait staff, the liquor and the last minute license man. Fiona just can’t get a break,especially not from Lip. He continues to point out her betrayal in not consulting the family and taking the money selfishly. Trying to make things right, Fiona gives him what she made and that she’ll have it all soon. He tells her not to worry about it – that he has it covered and that maybe he’ll have to take over the family money.

What did you think of last night’s episode? Did you want to see more trouble between Lip and Fiona? Were you rooting for her to make more than enough money to shut Lip up about doubting her? What about that scene with Frank and Debbie?

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