“Other than that, the episode was brilliant. The season was brilliant. Goodbye, Parenthood season 4.”

The season finale of Parenthood was bold, brave, and daring! It is by far the show’s best season finale and one of the best season finales on TV in recent memory. I was left so emotional afterward that I needed some time to regroup and catch my breath before writing my thoughts down in this review. It was so sad, but so funny…so focused on closure, but also forward-looking. Kudos to every single person involved on this show for an incredible year.

What a twist with Sarah choosing Hank, huh?! Did anyone see that coming? I absolutely loved that decision! Writers did the unexpected, but poor Sarah is left in the dark again. Or was she? Can she catch a break next season?! Lauren Graham played out Sarah’s emotional roller coaster ride so well this season, but I’d love for her to have some lighter material…maybe in, say, Minnesota?

I think I owe my life to this episode, too, because it made me realize that I want a relationship just like Adam and Kristina’s. Their marriage is based on such genuine, unconditional love, passion, and, most of all, respect. It’s really hard to believe that Peter Krause and Monica Potter are not husband and wife! There are countless actors and actresses out there—aspiring and veteran—who should take lessons from these two. It breaks my heart to think writers may one day choose to have Kristina lose a battle to cancer; you know that’s still a possibility.

Also, the show redeemed itself on one of the biggest gripes I had this season—the Crosy and Jasmine relationship issues. Jasmine announcing she’s pregnant was a perfect way to close this rocky chapter and pave the road for better times ahead. It will also mean more screentime for Joy Bryant, who I absolutely adore, so this makes me very happy.

Other highlights included Amber and Ryan’s reconciliation and Drew’s acceptance to Berkeley. Like I said earlier, I think it’s time for Amber to settle down and find someone. I also adore Matt Lauria in the role of Ryan, so I’m glad the door is left open for his return next year.  The scene in which Drew says goodbye to Amy was also very touching and left me feeling very nostalgic. I think we’ve all been there before!

A minor issue for me was how, all of the sudden, Victor woke the f&*! up and realized he needed to stop being a tool at the risk of losing out on being a part of a great family. I was hoping there’d at least be some confrontation between him and Julia at the end of the season in which he justified to her why he acted the way he did and treated her the way he did. But, alas, the magic TV dust was sprinkled on Julia and Joel’s little family and now we’re all happy and getting along!!

A bigger gripe about the finale, though: no Haddie! (If this truly is the last season, it’s sad to think we didn’t get a glimpse of Haddie experiencing her own form of happiness and success away at school.)

Other than that, the episode was brilliant. The season was brilliant. Goodbye, Parenthood season 4. You will, undoubtedly, be added to my cherished DVD collection and marked as an true example of what stellar television is and should be.

Here’s to hoping that the Bravermans are a staple to my fall… (Fingers crossed!!!!)

2 thoughts on ““Other than that, the episode was brilliant. The season was brilliant. Goodbye, Parenthood season 4.”

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  2. I am so upset that last night was the last episode of the season. It’s just not fair. I want more! This is one of the best shows on TV by far and I hope it gets renewed and for a full season pickup.I was really happy with the way they ended it. Everyone was in a great place. I’m glad Kristina is in remission. I LOVE that Amber and Ryan are back together. I have been rooting for this couple since they met and that scene between them was heart wrenching and so honest. I totally guessed that it was going to be a baby with Jasmine and Crosby and I’m so glad I was right. I did find it kind of weird that Victor just all of a sudden woke up and everything was fine, but I’m kind of glad he did. That scene between him and Sydney was so cute and when he finally called Julia “mom”. and OMG i couldn’t believe that she chose Hank over Mark. Terrible! I think Sarah needs to get it together and just be alone for awhile and I’m so sad that no more Jason Ritter on Parenthood. 😦 but other than that Great Episode!

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