PRETTY LITTLE LIARS // Misery Loves Company


O. M. G.

I just finished watching tonight’s episode of PLL and I must say I’m on a high.  What a great, suspenseful, enthralling, move-the-story-along episode.  Okay, where should I start …


There was a lot of Misery in this episode tonight, not very many great things happened (I’m ignoring that “picnic lunch” Emily & Paige had in the middle of the lunch room #barf).  I was even looking forward to Hanna’s interview that she got all dressed up for, but that too turned out to be A Sham.  After two episodes that focused on Mona, it was nice to have an episode that highlighted everyone else … and if Mona is indeed our Misery, she had a lot of Company to love tonight.


So I’ve said the past couple of weeks that Toby has quickly become one of my favorite villains.  I’ve also said that I hope the smartest 12th grader in Pennsylvania (aka: Spencer) lives up to her claim and figures him out sooner than later.  In tonight’s episode, she did just that.  Spencer spent most of the episode planning a surprise dinner for her and Toby’s anniversary.  With the help of her mom & Emily she secured a great cover up story and gained access to his apartment, and she prepared a lasagna that made me pause the show and see if I could find the recipe online … I couldn’t #sadface.  While snooping around his apartment we saw the one thing that could start the unraveling of Toby, a fake ID pass into Mona’s funny farm.  We all thought she missed it, but our little Nancy Drew was waiting for him that night when he broke into the Hasting House, and BOOM!  Toby doesn’t even try to deny it, he can tell by the look in Spencer’s eyes that it’s done.  I was heartbroken, she was heartbroken, and I want to believe somewhere inside he was heartbroken too.  Still, for us it was one of the best emotional scenes we’ve watched this season!

Does this mean we’ll only see Toby in black hoodies from now on?  I’m sure that’s not the case, judging by the fact that he was naked six minutes after the opening sequence I’m sure he’ll be disrobing for the ladies again real soon.


In one of the best dream sequences ever, Alison comes back and visits Aria in her coma.  Was I the only one who thought she was real?! She gave some of the best advice and clues of LIFE!  She literally came back from the dead and saved Aria’s life.  I’m not really sure why she hasn’t done this before … oh yea, that storyline ruined Grey’s Anatomy … but I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was one of the few times I’ve actually seen some genuine warmth and kindness in Ms. Dilaurentis … dare I say they’re trying to make us feel sorry for her being killed?  Hmm, we’ll need a lot more of those moments for that to happen.  Still, It was nice for a change to understand why all these girls were best friends with Alison in the first place.


“..i can’t believe we’re trusting Meredith..” RIGHT?!?!?!?! PLL does one of the best, yet non-annoying, jobs at foreshadowing.  I should’ve known to trust my instincts from weeks ago about Meredith, but just like she bamboozled Aria, she got me to.

Tonight, Meredith acted a damn crazy ass fool!  She showed every true color that she had.  She DRUGGED Aria .. she let LOOSE at the drug store (shout out to the pharmacist that put her in her place though #boss) .. she KNOCKED Aria upside the head .. and she almost SLASHED Aria in the neck with that broken mirror.  I was literally on the edge of the couch with my mouth open just waiting to see what was going to happen.  In the end, after locking all the girls in the basement until they almost bludgeoned Byron, she got away.  HOW?!?!?! HOW DID SHE GET AWAY BYRON?!?!? Is that was we do these days?  Someone tries to kill your daughter and her best friends and you just send them home to rest and watch Homeland???  I’m not sure what the hell happened upstairs in between her talking to Byron and him being downstairs in the basement, but I can’t trust him after he did that.  Even if he’s telling the truth, he’s a dummy if he’s still sticking up for Maniac Meredith.


*please note: In this next sentence, I’m clapping as I say every syllable.


I’m going to leave it at that.  But if you disagree, there’s a reason we saw a glimpse of her in that flashback.


– Still over Paige, but I may get my wish.  As I said PLL loves to foreshadow, and during Paige & Caleb’s secret meeting he says, “..there’s no way she has someone watching all of us all the time..” Grow up Caleb, A’s coming after both of you.

– Is Ian Harding filming a movie or something? These last 3 episodes have been suspiciously Ezra-light.

– Once Again, Mike is at his mom’s house ghost.

– Mona more than alluded to someone else, a female, being in control of the A team.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we find out who that is by the season finale.

– Aria is a soldier! Even drugged, she was going to try her best to stab Meredith with that broken glass.  It didn’t work, but A for effort.



This was a great scene to watch … but it was, low even for Mona


Going on record as being the dumbest text A’s ever sent.  Thankfully Hanna had some great ‘cut my face off’ one-liners to bring it back.


Alison, I almost kind of might start thinking about liking you.


I literally screamed.  No lie.



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