Shameless : “May I Trim Your Hedges?”

This week, we see the Gallagher clan deal with more trouble, Frank scheming to find cash as always, more tension among our couples, and even a first crush.

Kev and FionaTrouble in Paradise – V is pissed at Kev for letting his ex, Cheryl, stay at their house. He lets her get away with sleeping in their bed to helping her fix her supposedly “broken down” car. Kev promises V that he’ll get Cheryl to sign the divorce papers and she’ll be out of their life soon. Kev’s world flips when he learns that Kyle might be his son. Soon enough though, V finds this out and realizes that she can’t fight over Kev. It wouldn’t be right to ask him to choose her over his “family”. 

Ian and Lloyd

Meanwhile, Ian is bothered that Mickey still has sex with women, but doesn’t let him know. For the first time this week, we see Mickey get jealous at Lloyd and Ian’s relationship. After Lloyd surprises Ian at the convenience store, Mickey ends up following them to their rendezvous at the Fountain. Watching from a far, he gets worked up.  After calling Mickey Ian’s boyfriend, Lloyd gets knocked on his ass while Ian and Mickey run from the cops.

“How do you feel about deli meats?” – During a grocery trip to Keane’s, a disgruntled cashier quits and Fiona takes the opportunity to grab her job. In exchange, the sleazy manager propositions Fiona for a blow job in exchange for the job. With V’s help, she gets her revenge and blackmails him for the job and actual veal cutlets. I was so happy this week with Fi’s victory. I’m so glad the writers gave her a win this week.   

Perv Alert! – While riding the bus back from shopping, Debbie witnesses a bum fondling himself. Fiona quickly takes action, throwing a can at his face. Debbie’s in shock.

After doing some research, Lip and Ian realize that there are a number of sex offenders in the area. They assemble their merry band of thugs to try to scare some out of town. First up, child rapist Blake Collins, who turns out to be a woman. It turns out she was a teacher, who had sex with her 8th grade student. They were in “love”. Realizing they aren’t going to beat up a woman, the gang retreats.

“May I Trim Your Hedges?” – Lip isn’t satisfied. He decides to prove to Ian that once a pedophile, always a pedophile. Lip and Ian’s debate tonight was interesting to see. It was okay that Lip was having sex at fourteen because it was with another fourteen-year-old. Blake took advantage of her student the same way Cash took advantage of Ian, since he was 15 when they started their affair. Ian justifies that he knew what he was doing, while Lip rebutts that “you were a kid. He was a man.” Gender roles start to play when Lip mentions what if it were Debbie and a 30 year old dude, Ian states that “it’s different”, as opposed to if it were Carl getting it on with an older woman.

In a ploy to catch Blake, Lip pretends to be a sophomore neighbor and offers to trim her hedges. Asking her for a drink and a sandwich, she happily obliges with a juice box and a PB and J with the crusts caught off. No longer able to resist her urges, Blake offers to teach Lip everything- delaying gratification, while she “nairs” his manhood.  “You are my A+ student, Philip.”

Later on, while trying to emulate what he learned on Mandy. She’s just not feeling it. When she tries to turn the table on him, she realizes that Lip was unfaithful with his man-scaping as the dead giveaway. Running out of the house, Mandy is a woman with a plan. She goes straight to Blake and threatens to dump her body in a grave her brothers are digging, unless she moves out of town tonight. 

A First for Everything – While practicing self-defense tips she learned from Mandy, Debbie drops Kyle on his ass accidentally after he surprises her. At the playground, they have a heart to heart where they discuss Debbie’s shock at seeing her first penis up close to Kyle asking her what Kev is like? When Debbie mentions becoming a nun, Kyle tells her that she’s too pretty to be a nun and kisses her. How sweet was that scene? You can see the excitement on her face. With that one kiss, Debbie has her first crush. 

Nanny Frank – Frank offers to take Hymie to his check-up in a ploy to steal Sheila’s cash. Taking Hymie to the Alibi for his next bender, Frank stabs Hymie with a thumbtack to fake the vaccination. After learning that the Wishing Lane Foundation funds wishes for kids with illnesses, Frank schemes up to use Hymie as his meal ticket. He later finds out that it’s only for dying kids. Always thinking, he emotionally reveals that his other son, Carl, has cancer.

Frank and CarlIs it me or is Frank getting more and more despicable and low as the weeks continue? I can’t say I’m surprised, but still I thought calling Child Services on the kids was a new low for him last week, but stabbing Hymie and later telling Carl he has cancer just to make a buck? Poor Carl. He looked so upset while Frank was shaving his head. He tells him to keep it a secret from everyone, especially Fiona. After taking him to the foundation with hopes of getting his wish to come true, it turns out to be a bust for cash. Instead, Carl gets offered a spot at summer camp.

Jimmy’s World – In order to give proof to INS, Jimmy and Estefania need to take wedding pictures. Hilariously so, they sneak in on the pictures of another couple, while Beto snaps some candids. On the way home, she has Jimmy get her off, while he tries to stop her in a feat of staying loyal to Fiona.

V and Kev's WifeEmotions – Two of the best scenes this week were with Kev and V. First, he makes things right assuring V that he would never leave her. But that he does want to get to know his kid and that she has to be okay with that. Second, when V takes Cheryl down and shows her who’s in charge, after she comes clean that Kyle is not Kev’s kid- he’s her nephew.

We end on an emotional note as Fiona finally reveals to Jimmy that she trusts him. “It’s bigger to me, than I love you. I trust you.” Add that to Jimmy’s already guilty conscious, I’m interested to see how things are going to go down once Fiona finds out about his deception. 

What are your thoughts on last night’s episode? Sound off below!

Don’t forget! The next episode airs Sunday, February 10th!

2 thoughts on “Shameless : “May I Trim Your Hedges?”

  1. I completely agree with you. I thought Frank hit a new low last week when he called child protective services, but stabbing baby Hymie? Frank was so disgusting this week. Although, I didn’t feel that bad for Carl getting his head shaved.

    Mandy grosses me out but I have to admit I was impressed with the way she handled Blake. She was straight about to stab a bitch. Hahahaha.

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