PRETTY LITTLE LIARS // Out of The Frying Pan, Into the Inferno


first … I don’t totally understand the title of this episode.  Based off of this I expected it to be a bit more ‘explosive’ but since it wasn’t I’m not sure how well it fit.  Anyways, let’s get into the recap.


Fresh off of last week’s big Toby shocker we were all anxious to see how Spencer was going to handle the aftermath.  We ended last week with Spencer sprawled onto Toby’s doorstep bawling her eyes out, so I expected her break down to keep going this week.  However, I was pleased to see that Spence pulled it together as well as she could.  The incident with Toby has totally cleared her mind and she seems more focused than ever.  Even with her grief and broken heart, she, more than anyone, is ready to get to the bottom of this A business and move on with her life.  A obviously knows this because when Spencer got the text from Aria’s phone, she ran to Aria’s defense in a flash and trash talked Ezra all over the park.  Then when Aria showed up at her house she wasn’t the least bit interested in what she had to say or how she felt.  The best was to watch the near cuss-out she gave to Aria’s mom when she mad dashed out of the classroom #boss.  Still, we got to see the emotional vulnerable side of Spencer too.  Her cry fest in the car was pretty touching (the close-up shots helped).  Since it took her 3 times to reapply her makeup I was convinced she was meeting up with Toby to plead with him or at least try and get an explanation, instead she met up with a private investigator (who clearly could be Toby’s cousin) and has sent him after Toby like a hound dog.  Way to go Spence … she’s already been fooled once, she had no desire to be fooled again.


I don’t have much to say about Miss Montgomery except I’m disappointed, yet not surprised, that she was not the one who told Ezra about his son.  I had really hoped that she would get the courage to act like a grown up and do what was needed to be done.  Sadly, A & I both knew that she didn’t have it in her, so A intervened.  Where do she and Fitz stand?  I wouldn’t say they’re on the rocks but now that a 7-year-old and a baby mama have entered the picture, things are going to be so peachy moving forward.


We saw a lot of Alison flashbacks again this week.  The writers are making a concerted effort to humanize Ali more and more as we move forward, so I’m very interested to know what exactly they have in store.  They obviously want us to stop hating her and start empathizing with her so we shall see.  Which brings us to this weeks biggest piece of information … ALI WAS PREGNANT.  Well … maybe.  But something tells me whether she actually was or wasn’t won’t make much of a difference.  I’m almost certain the beach hottie/baby daddy found out about it, and I think we all are pretty convinced that our most unlikeable police detective is probably the father.  That’s not to say he’s also the one who killed her; while none of us would be surprised, that’s just a bit too easy for this show.  I’m sure there’s A LOT left for us to find out on this story.  It’s also probable that the reason Ali needed the money from Byron was for an abortion, as she was probably too afraid to bring baby daddy up to speed.


– Is Paige cheating? I hope so, because I’m ready for Emily to dump her.  Moreover, how the hell is Paige at a gay club?! Isn’t she 16? AND is this gay lesbian-focused club in the small town of Rosewood? Speaking of Paige, her and Caleb are soon to be in for a rude awakening when A truly gets annoyed by their disturbances.  I’d put money on that.

– This is the first episode we haven’t seen or heard from Mona.  Toby was also specifically absent (minus the flashbacks).  I’m sure this means they’ll have huge plans going down in next weeks episodes.



can we never … EVER …. EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER … put Toby in a do-rag again


Spencer is OVER it … OVER IT!

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