SCANDAL // Truth or Consequences


Tonight ABC served up another fresh dish of TV’s tastiest and most ‘scandalous’ drama … and I was sitting in front of the TV with a fork & spoon ready for it.  Let’s get into it.


In a series that started off more as a procedural, this arc has been meticulously wound and character driven; and very successful in doing so I think.  It’s been a while since Olivia took the spotlight, but she was hands down the star of the tonight’s episode from start to finish.  I’ve been wondering when everything she’s done, the bad to produce the good, was going to start haunting her conscience.  Well Ms. Pope was hit hard tonight.  In her meeting with the devil in a hairpiece Hollis Doyle he told her either she fix the David Rosen problem or he’s putting the entire crew on blast.  I’m not sure why she seemed so surprised because I clearly wasn’t; Hollis is evil.  Olivia immediately runs to Cyrus and essentially breaks down, to the point where she throws her hands up and allows him to slide into the captain’s seat for this trip into no man’s land.  Then she proceeded to spend 48 hours in, what looked like a very comfortable sleep number bed.  While underneath her Martha Stewart sheets, she received a phone call from her very married side piece Fitzgerald and he tells her he’s getting a divorce.  She responds with the news of her impending engagement to “Dat Tall Black Man” (aka: Edison).  When Fitzgerald commands that Olivia not marry DTBM and wait for him instead … she gives no answer because she has no life left to give.  She simply hangs up the phone and lies there, eyes wide shut.  As the time was passing by you could see in her soul how disappointed she’s become in herself.  We’ve seen through the flashbacks how much of a champion of justice & America Olivia was (and still is in most cases), but she’s done so many things to counteract that.  Olivia’s moral lines are blurry, shaky, and as wavy as The Five Heartbeats’ hair.  To help her realize that those lines need a good brush, in comes Huck to the rescue.  He mentally smacks her upside the head and points up that if Cyrus is handling Doyle, he’s killing Doyle.  Olivia pops up out of the bed and runs to see Verna, David & Cyrus.  She’s going to turn Doyle into the police and decides that if she has to go down with him, she deserves it.  Such a martyr, but we all know the star of the show isn’t going to jail, this isn’t Oz.  Instead she enlists her gladiators to find more concrete evidence to nail Doyle to the cross.  What do they find? More on that later…


If there’s anyone that doesn’t play any games (spades, pictionary, guess who?, etc.) it’s the First Lady of the United States.  Now first let me say, I’m more on her side than I am on the adulterer’s Fitzgerald & Olivia.  As she pointed out tonight, she’s loved her husband, stood by his side, supported him and so forth.  In actuality, we’ve haven’t seen much evidence of Mellie being the “Wicked Witch of the West” that Cyrus dubbed her tonight.  Okay, she’s not perfect, she’s not Laura Petridge, but it seems like she only overreacts and does crazy things when she’s trying to get her husband back in line.  Not to mention, she allowed him to have an affair because she realized it was the best for him #vanessabryant.  That being said, Mellie spent most of the episode PISSED at the idea that Fitz was dead serious about the divorce and that he was putting the pieces in motion to make it happen.  What did she do?  She went to La’Keisha her OBGYN and induced the labor one month early of America’s baby.  Okay … Now … some of you all might think that this hoe is crazy … I think she’s being resourceful.  I mean, Cyrus told her to play whatever cards she has left to play, so she did what she had to do.  I can’t lie and say if I was the First Lady and my husband tried to leave me that I wouldn’t do the same thing.  Moving into next week we’ll see how much her plan worked, but she definitely has Fitzgerald’s attention for the time being.


With everything that’s been going on lately the gladiator team hasn’t had much to do.  Tonight, when the table’s turned and Olivia became “their next client” they decided to put everything on the table.  Quinn, Abby & Harrison told what secrets they knew, as Huck grunted & coughed, and they basically figured everything out, or so it seemed.  Quinn is still kind of getting on my nerves but I guess that’s her character.  If I knew I had been drugged, and framed, and almost killed, and given a new life I would probably want to know every single detail as well.  Still, she can be a bit much.  When Olivia showed back up to work she was ready to make her boss answer every question, until the other gladiators set her straight #secretsrule.  Then comes “the montage.”  This is one of my favorite parts of all the Scandal episodes.  When Olivia and the Gladiators go to work and we see how they find out all the information they need, and they play fun music underneath.  Tonight they played the number 1 hit “Shining Star” by Earth, Wind & Fire … because let’s admit it, all the gladiators are shining stars #bankheadbounce.  The best part was when Huck, dressed as Harrison, went to go see Becky in prison.  At first I thought he was emotionally playing her, but I think he may have been telling the truth.  It really does seem like he still has love for her, and I’m sure we’ll see more of that later on in the season.  So Huck gets Becky’s bank account so they can trace the 5 million dollars she got to shoot The President back to Hollis Doyle’s account.  What do they find out? It’s not Doyle’s account … damnit … David is pissed, Olivia is pissed, Hollis is released from jail and about to get cut up into little pieces … it’s just a lot going on #theneverendingstory.


– Most of the back story seems to be pretty filled in now.  We saw in the flashbacks that it was all Jesse, Quinn’s boyfriend, who did the legwork for Doyle.  We also learned that Becky was all a part of it from the beginning.  Huck also finally didn’t not confirm that everything Quinn figured out was true.

– Cyrus gave two great speeches in this episode.  One to Fitz about how his entire career will go down in the drain if he gets a divorce, and one to Olivia about her ruining Christmas and fairy tales to the public if she let’s their secret become common knowledge.  Both were unsuccessful, but both were great.  Plus, Cyrus usually has billions of tricks up his sleeve, so something tells me whatever he wants to happen is going to happen.

– Fitzgerald Grant is really doing the most these days.  I realize you just got shot in the head but NOW is not the time to suddenly decide you want to divorce your wife and the mother of your 3 kids.  Not to mention, who wants to be the ridiculed President? At the end of the day he’s still a politician and regardless of what he says he wants to be liked.  Plus, once Olivia returns back to her normal self I don’t think she’s letting that happen anyways.

– It’s inevitable that Fitz is going to find out he wasn’t really elected as President of The United States.  I’m hoping Shonda saves that moment for the season finale but that’s when all hell is going to break lose.


“..i’m getting a divorce, i’m going to stay the President afterwards, that’s what’s going to happen, that’s my job … make it happen, do your job!”


…she just couldn’t take it anymore… sometime’s it be’s like that like


Verna … um … is there ANYONE in your family to get you together?!


cra-zy (noun): 1. Becky


MELLIE WENT OFFFFFF!!!!!! she said she’s NOT leaving the White House … she ain’t going!


3 thoughts on “SCANDAL // Truth or Consequences

  1. Awesome recap!! This episode had me watching the clock the entire time. I felt like there was just so much developing and not enough minutes between 10-11…. and then the way they left us hanging??? I still think Mellie was part of the assassination attempt too… I disagree with you, I don’t think she really loves Fitz like that. I think she sees him as her little project; what got her to the White House.

  2. I can’t with Mellie. She’s reminiscent of a thorn bush that loves a cuddle. If she had a fraction of the conscious that Olivia had in this ep, she’s one that might only be seen in bed! Lol at Huck dressed as Harrison! That elevator screen grab could’ve definitely made the cut!! Hollis, you in danger girl *strikethrough* boy!

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