Our Favorite Moments from the Superbowl!

Since the Superbowl is, of course, the biggest night on TV, and since we here at “Save It For The Commercial Break” love our big TV events, we thought we’d share our favorite moments of the night.  From commercials to game highlights, our picks give you a wide range of what caught our attention the most!



“The power outage took some of the excitement and momentum out for me.
 My favorite moment, was when the RAVENS came out of the locker room and scored a touchdown. DAMN.
But I’d really like to say my favorite moments were from the tweets and FB posts from people throughout the game that made watching more fun. Some of my favs regarding Beyonce’s half time show include:
“Sobbing, that was wonderful.”
“Anyone that says that was bad is deleted, bye”
“Uh-Oh, Beyonce has heard my criticisms and has taken the power with her!!! I apologize.”
“Michelle, why were you there? Your mic was off.”
“The only thing that could have made that better was if Beyonce lifted up Blue Ivy and started singing the circle of life.”
Side note: Anyone agree that the commercials sucked this year?”


“Living in CT and being 15 minutes from Newtown, one of my favorite moments was the Sandy Hook Elementary Choir singing “America the Beautiful” with J. Hud. Very emotional, and homegirl looked AND sounded GREAT!!!  That GoDaddy ugly kid and hott chick commercial was in-your-face vile and offensive. Was kinda jaw-dropping for me.  Best play: the Ravens second-quarter touchdown at 1:45 left.  Most awkward moment: the blackout. There go the ratings!! Sorry, “Elementary”…”



Not gonna lie, I missed a lot of moments… Alicia Keys sounded like she was straining her voice during the anthem; totally missed Jennifer Hudson and the Choir; favorite commercial was the Old People going wild at Taco Bell; overall, I found the commercials and trailers pretty unexciting… the “World War Z” spot was the only interesting one; I liked Beyonce’s performance, but found it to be short and not as big of a show as I thought it would be- plus, she chose to do “Baby Boy” over some of her other hit songs or hit collaborations?  Watched Michelle’s slightly awkward pop-up entrance during the Destiny’s Child reunion a few times lol… Heard about the blackout from all the Facebook posts, and had to fast forward to live TV to catch up!  Fell asleep by the time the Ravens won… woops.


“My favorite commercial was Amy Poehler and Best Buy, and I’m looking forward to seeing Fast and Furious 6. It looked so good. Beyonce killed it tonight and probably blew the power out with her flawless performance and growing up listening to Destiny’s Child made me love the reunion onstage. My favorite football moment was when Ravens player Jacoby Jones ran 109 yards in the 3rd quarter and scored a touchdown.”


Laurie: (watches and reviews Downton Abbey on Sunday nights)

“Seeing as I will be watching PBS tonight for Downton, I’ll probably miss some things. Sorry… I did catch a bit of the Puppy Bowl and thought the controversial VW commercial was hilarious…but that probably doesn’t count, lol. Also the Clydesdale commercial…”


Bobby: N/A


“Did you all see that kick return? Touchdown- longest in nfl Super Bowl history !! One of my favorite commercials had to be the M&M one with Naya. Halftime show, Bey-sus Christ she was good.”



“Best Super Bowl Commercial: NFL’s Deion Sanders/Leon Sandcastle. I totally believe Deion at his ‘advanced’ age could still smoke a lot of the younguns!

Best Post Super Bowl Super Bowl Commercial: Jello Pudding’s Celebration of 2nd place for the 49ers by announcing they’re doing a Pudding Drop in San Francisco on Tuesday to help take the bitter taste of defeat out of their mouths. It’s small consolation, but if they were coming to NYC, I’d totally get my cup of 2nd place pudding.

Best Super Bowl Moment: The usually low key Joe Flacco  running around like a little kid with a big smile on his face and being so joyful and ecstatic after winning and finally shutting up his critics and just letting that f-bomb drop on national television by saying: “This is so f*&^ing awesome!’”

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