SCANDAL // Nobody Loves Babies


Tonight’s episode of Scandal was a GAME … CHANGER !!!! I know we have at least eight more episodes left in the season but this would definitely be a great representation to present to the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.  I barely know where to begin, but let’s get into it.


We open tonight right where we left off last week.  Huck jumps into the elevator to save, and then blackmail, Hollis Doyle & sends the other killer on his way.  Then we’re back with the gladiators as they’re desperately trying to figure out who hired Becky to shoot the President.  Olivia puts two & two together and figures out that it was #thatbitchVerna … Ms. Pope storms over to the hospital and confronts her but Verna isn’t sorry and doesn’t apologize for anything she’s done.  It was all to save her legacy and she could care less who got in her way.  She has no conscious “..screw my conscious..” and has no plan to repent with the Lord on her death bed for that last good chance to get into heaven “..if I’m already going to hell then why not..” I literally threw my remote across the room when she said that.  So then Verna “stops breathing” when Fitz visits and she dies.  Her death is all over the news and everyone’s hurt up, especially Mellie “..oh yea boo hoo whatever..”  Fast-forward to the funeral when it all comes out!  First, let me say that whoever did Verna’s hair is off the chains!  In the hospital she looked like Smeagol #myprecious … but in that casket she looked like a model for Poise products.  Moving along, while Fitz was giving her a glowing eulogy we flash back to see what really happened in their hospital visit.  She boldly tells the President that she’s the one that ordered the hit on him (POW!) and that she did it because he’s in fact not the President (POW! POW!) … if she had the energy I have no doubt that she would’ve done three snaps in a Z formation right then and there.  Fitz is shocked and puzzled but then she really lays it on him by explaining the entire plan the team had and that everyone was in on it, including Olivia.  Let me go on record in saying that Verna is horrible.  She was dying in three days anyways, did she really have to go and ruin other people’s lives?!?!  She’s selfish and vindictive, and while she claimed that she was going to turn herself in right after Fitz left I really don’t believe she was going to.  But … we didn’t get to find out … because the President gets more angry than we’ve ever seen him before.  He  does a slow walk to the door, turns around and looks at her with disgust, then looks through the glass in the door, and does a slow roll back up to her bed.  Then, after telling her that she’ll still die a legend and he’ll continue to live on as one, he proceeds to take off her oxygen mask and murder in cold, old, dusty, musty & crusty blood.  I was in shock, couldn’t even speak … but at the end of the day Verna deserved exactly what she got.


A lot was going on with Cyrus & James tonight.  James was subpoenaed by David Rosen to testify before a grand jury, and rightfully so, freaked all the way out.  He gets back home, tells Cyrus and demands the truth from him.  First Cyrus tries to lie and but James is not playing games this time.  Cyrus says he’ll tell his husband the truth only if he takes his clothes off so he can make sure he’s not wearing a wire.  Now I thought this was a bit far fetched even for Mr. Beene but I rolled with it.  So there they are, both men standing naked in the bedroom screaming at each other.  Cyrus tells him everything “..I STOLE THE WHITE HOUSE..” and for one of the first times we see him really bare his soul.  He explains that Fitz was his only shot at even getting close to the dream that he secretly has, to be President himself.  But did it change James’ mind?  I guess it did, because he lied his entire ass off on the stand the next day in court.  When it came down to it James stuck by his man.  I’m not sure if I can say the same for Cyrus though.  When he learned his shit was about to hit the fan he called his assassin to go after his devoted hubby.  Part of me was startled but I think this fits right in line with how Cyrus acts and reacts to things.  He sees everything in black & white and makes problem solving decisions without thinking too emotionally.  I’m saddened that he nearly let James get killed to protect his secret, but I’m happy in the end he chose to save the love of his life and essentially kill himself and his career.


America’s baby is born and already having his first photo shoot when we begin.  I will say, the mister & misses Fitzgerald know how to put on a good show for the cameras.  However, once the cameras are off and the baby’s gone it’s all “’re not divorcing me..” and “..DON’T YOU PUSH ME..” In retrospect we saw a little bit of crazy Fitz right then.  Mellie, as we all know, is determined as hell.  She let us know again exactly what would happen if Fitz moves forward with his divorce plans.  She’s putting him & Olivia on blast, taking his kids, all the money, and running for office.  Every fiber in my body believed her, and for a moment I was a bit excited for that to happen so we could see that play out in season 3.  But alas, Fitz ends up returning to Mellie because he realizes that she’s the only one that’s always been in his corner.  I’m not 100% sure I believe him but it does make pretty good sense.  Mellie HAS always stood beside him and loved him; and even when she does crazy things it’s because she’s trying to damage control the hell out of their marriage and presidency.  At the end of the day, he’s the adulterer, and we’ve seen no evidence that Mellie was anything but pleasant before he won the Presidency.


Early in the episode Fitz & Olivia have their first reunion after some physical time apart.  It’s the usual.  He grabs her.  Her lips quiver.  She gives the ‘don’t kiss me we can’t do this but it’s the only thing i wanna do’ look.  He takes control.  She gets submissive.  He loves it, she loves it, we love watching it.  Since that last time he asked her to wait for him she hung up the phone on him, this time he does it between kisses.  It’s clear to everyone that she’s been convinced.  To prove it she ends up giving Edison back his grandmother’s ring for a second time.  Let me just say that Edison is a dummy.  A dumb dummy.  No self-respecting man with a good job is going to be chasing down a woman who clearly doesn’t love him.  I wish they would’ve written his character a little differently so he didn’t come off so much as a sap.  Or perhaps they could’ve allowed Olivia to be a little more happy with him, but she always seemed so blazay about the whole thing.  So at the funeral Olivia runs to tell Fitz the good news, but he has his own news for her.  He’s changed his mind #damn … he knows the truth about the election rigging and gives her one of the worst looks of disgust I’ve ever seen.  It’s the one look that Olivia had hoped she’d never get from him.  I honestly don’t know where they’re going to go from here.  I just don’t know…


– A lot of good things from Abby this episode.  She finds out Olivia & Harrison sabotaged her relationship with David Rosen, and though she’s really hurt Harrison brings her back to reality.  She goes to see him, confesses her love, spends the night, steals the evidence from his safe, gives it to Olivia, gets dumped, and then has a breakdown.  She’s a gladiator, she did what she had to do.  I can’t blame her for spending one last night with Rosen though.  It’s clear she really does love him but she knew that he would have nothing to do with her once he found out what she had done.

– I liked Olivia’s line about love “..I want Painful Difficult Devastating Life-Changing Extraordinary love..” but I have to agree with Edison for the most part.  Why must love be painful and devastating?  And if it’s that difficult then maybe it’s not the love you should be in.  I don’t know where Shonda Rhimes sees this series going but eventually I think Olivia needs to meet someone she can date that’s not already married or leading the free world.



I do think this was a bit preposterous … but it was funny how long Cyrus stared at James’ junk once he pulled his briefs down lol


she. ruins. people’s. lives. #ihateher


that’s the face of a President ….. who’s also a murderer


i mean… her worried face in the empty pews says it all

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