Community- Season 4 Premiere


The Greendale seven are back from summer with a few changes and no it’s not just the 12 addition thumbtacks on the board. First, Abed knowing it’s the last first day at Greendale Community College, he decides to go to his happy place. Second, we have Annie, the good girl chooses to have a case of senioritis and Shirley tags along. Third, Britta and Troy are now together. Lastly, Jeff Winger is now selfless? However, there are some things that did not change over the summer break, Dean Pelton. In true Dean Pelton fashion (he wears a beautiful dress), he creates a Hunger Game like obstacle. The winners (there can only be seven) get into the one history class (history of ice cream) of the semester.

Troy and Abed back from summer!! Welcome to Abed’s Happy Community College (performed in front of a live audience inside Abed’s head) where it’s nothing but fun, laughs, smiles and Fred Willard as Pierce Hawthorne. Abed is a man who lives by the lessons learned from TV so why not create a happy place where he has his own TV show. Knowing it’s the last first day at Greendale Britta gives Abed advice, just go to your happy place. So every time there is a problem we are brought to Abed’ happy place. While Abed is in his happy place, Annie and Shirley are busy pranking the dean.

Annie’s idea of a prank is moving all the objects on the dean’s desk over an inch except for his stapler, so it looks the stapler moved. While Shirley thinks they should put popcorn in his car- so they do both. Simultaneously, Troy and Britta are making wishes by throwing penny’s in a fountain. Since this is a tradition between Troy and Abed, Britta tries to put her own twist on it- she got skeeelllz. But her wishes do not follow the rules Abed made. For example, she wishes for no more wars, which Troy responds by saying that goes against the rules because that can mean no more Star Wars, or even no more Storage Wars!

Jeff is competing in the “hunger games”, in order to collect all 7 red balls. Therefore the whole study group can be together in history of ice cream. Doesn’t sound like Jeff Winger to me, him doing something for others? Did he change over the summer? Nope because over the summer he took courses and only needs one more history credit to graduate early. Meaning, if he gets into this history class he can graduate a semester early. This sends Abed straight to his happy place where Jeff doesn’t get to graduate early and nothing changes. Troy then realizes that Britta told Abed to go to his happy place and tries to bring him back to reality. However it isn’t until Jeff decides to be “new Jeff” and forgets about getting the remaining red ball and instead helps Abed. Just by Jeff walking over to the group Abed creates a whole Jeff Winger speech about how change is good and doesn’t mean they all won’t remain friends and snap- back to reality. Abed accepts the changes to come, Dean Pelton is now Jeff’s neighbor and at the last second a naked Mr. Chang appears with a note saying he has changnesia. Can’t wait to see where that story line goes!

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