Valentine’s Day Special: Most Romantic Episodes EVER!


Love is in the air! In just a few short days, we, as a nation, will be spending an exorbitant amount of money on chocolates, roses, cards, teddy bears, edible underwear, and whatever else we can find to prove to our significant others that we love them oh-so-very-much. But, it’s all so very cute and all so very worth when all is said and done. Valentine’s Day is a chance to celebrate a human emotion that can so effectively and so easily make our stomach flutter, our feet tingle, our palms sweat, and our hearts skip a beat. So, a few of us here at Commercial Break thought we’d take a moment to recap what we believe were some of the most romantic episodes on television…ever!


No show has ever been able to make my heart sing the way True Blood season one did. I fell completely in love with the idea of Sookie and Bill. I shouldn’t have. It’s the traditional “forbidden love” concept that we’ve seen hashed out so many times in literature, cinema, and television alike. But, there was something about how they looked in each other’s eyes that made me buy into their romance from moment one. And the culmination of it all, for me, is episode six—“Cold Ground.” After Gran’s funeral, Sookie dresses in a long, flowing white gown and patiently awaits nightfall. When dusk sets in, she runs across the road, through the cemetery, and into the fields towards Bill’s house—only he is already running to meet her, too. They find each other, he sweeps her off her feet, carries her to his house, walks her up the stairs, and…well, they do the hanky panky. But, it’s passionate and real and very, very naked and full of so many emotions all at once. Makes my heart melt every time…

Check it out if you’re brave enough:


The Office hour-long episode “Niagara” (Season 6)

Even though I’ve watched a lot of TV, I have a hard time picking the most romantic episode or moment. The strongest memory that comes to mind is from 2009, when Jim and Pam got married on The Office. It was not only touching to see everyone do the “Forever” dance down the aisle during the ceremony, but also to see flashbacks during that dance sequence of Pam and Jim sneaking off to board the Niagara Falls ferry before the ceremony. Pam had accidentally torn her veil, prompting her to tell Jim that she had regrets over inviting their families and coworkers and having their wedding be a big thing. He cut his tie in half to make her feel better, and they ran off somewhere. We don’t know where until we see the Niagara Falls flashbacks, where they were secretly married aboard the ferry by the captain under the falls. Afterwards, they’re in each other’s arms, and Jim smiles at the camera.

Highlights from the episode here:


I pick Felicity’s “The Aretha Theory” from season 2. In this episode, the fans finally get what they’ve been waiting for since the series began—Ben and Felicity get together.

At the start of the season, Ben breaks up with Felicity because he’s not ready for the commitment of being in a serious relationship. They were supposed to have a dinner date in the park watching a Charlie Chaplin movie and he just never shows. (Asshole!) Throughout the season we see Felicity grow into her own, date other guys and become a new independent person. We also see Ben make one bad decision after another until he suddenly realizes he made a mistake of breaking up with in the first place. Being with Felicity was “the best thing that happened” to him. Only problem is that Felicity has moved on to someone else. Why is it guys only want something when they can’t have it? Anyway… In “The Aretha Theory” Felicity has a girls night in an effort to get over her men troubles. She’s out having a great time with her girls until Ben shows up and knocks her off a bit. Until she remembers all that he’s put her through and how much she’s grown. Felicity calls up Ben and leaves a message on his answering machine that “she doesn’t need him.” We never see Ben’s reaction to this message, but we’re left to imagine it devastates him. Just when the audience thinks that Ben and Felicity just can’t make it work, Ben shows up to their job at Dean & DeLuca. He tells Felicity that after he got her message he tried to figure out a way to “go back in time and change the moment he screwed up.” Ben then pulls out…wait for it… a film canister with the movie, “The Gold Rush.” It’s the Charlie Chaplin movie they were supposed to see together, only he never showed up. Ben asks Felicity, “Do you know what that is?” When Felicity says, “Yea, a film canister.” He says, “No, It’s a time machine.” Ben and Felicity spend the night on the roof of Ben’s New York City apartment watching the movie together on a huge projection screen. Curled up in a blanket. Eventually, they start making out—all to Sarah McLachlan’s song, “Ice Cream.” Romance at its best, people. BEST!

Check out a clip here:


I am a hopeless romantic, so my television watching tends to skew on the romantic side, of course. There are so many I can think of to add (Gilmore Girls, The Office, even Liz Lemon’s quirky wedding). But, of course, it comes back to Downton Abbey, and the season 2 Christmas special where Matthew FINALLY proposes to Mary outside, at night, as the snow is lightly falling, making it all the more magical, and romantic.

Check it out:


Going back into the past a bit, I would say that while romance wasn’t exactly the main focus of this Buffy episode, “Once More with Feeling” – the musical episode was one of my favorites. At this point, I couldn’t wait for Spike and Buffy to get together. This episode gave fans their first kiss. While I did love her with Angel, I thought she ultimately had more chemistry with Spike.

Check it out:

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