Shameless : “The Helpful Gallaghers”

Last night’s episode was just what Shameless fans needed since they couldn’t get their Gallagher fix last week. Let’s dive in.

CarlCamp Happy Hopes…Carl is all packed and ready to go to cancer camp. I can’t wait until he finds out that Frank lied. I just feel bad for him, especially since he’s hiding it from everyone. He says goodbye to his family, even giving Fiona a long hug. Such a cute moment between these two characters. We’ve never gotten to see Carl’s appreciation for all that Fiona does for him.

Off to Camp Happy Hopes, it just doesn’t live up to what he expected. He was hoping to get a few shots in at the rifle range advertised in the brochure, but its since been closed down. He’s disappointed with all of the camp’s restrictions. After making new friends, he decides he can’t stand to follow the rules any longer. In an effort to fulfill his new friend’s dying wish to see real-life boobs, Carl and his buddies get caught by the red-headed counselor trying to steal pain pills to sell to a hooker. He convinces her to show them her boobs and she obliges. 

Baby/Half-sister Makes Three… Kev and V are back to normal as a couple and have started trying to have a baby!  I’m really pulling for them getting a win this season. I hope it doesn’t come with too much heartache.

Another couple back in sync are Mandy and Lip. Mandy gets a call from her half-sister, Molly, whose mother has died from an overdose. Mandy’s hesitant to help Molly. But Lip convinces her she needs a home. He promises her that they’ll figure out a place for Molly to stay/live together. After an unsuccessful attempt at leaving Molly at her aunt’s, Fiona lets her stay in the house until Carl comes back from camp.She warns Lip that he better be sure he’s prepared for the signals he’s sending Mandy. After welcoming Molly to the house and giving her pajamas, Debbie discovers Molly’s female penis.

Episode-3-04-The-Helpful-Gallaghers-shameless-us-33484693-650-433Things just keep getting worse… for Jimmy. In order to contribute to the squirrel fund, he pawns his watch. He still hasn’t come clean to Fiona that he’s broke or his still existing deal with Estefania and Nando. After meeting up with his father at the Alibi, he learns that his mother has kicked Lloyd out . He brings a drunk Lloyd back to the house to sleep it off. Lloyd wakes up in the middle of the night and decides to climb into bed with Ian. Only it’s not Ian. It was Lip sleeping in Carl’s bed, so that Mandy and Molly could sleep together. Lip flips Lloyd onto the floor after trying to cop a feel, waking the house up.What a way to discover your dad is gay. After having a heart to heart on the front porch, Jimmy learns that his mother kicked Lloyd out for being broke and that his dad prefers men mostly.  

Sheila has needs… Unsatisfied with her “yummy time” with Jody, Sheila enlists Frank’s help in convincing him to spice things up in the bedroom. Jody hears what he’s saying, but is afraid to delve back into using toys and having sex for sex’s sake and not love making, as it goes against everything he learned when conquering his sex addiction. He’s worked too hard to go back to that old way of life. But in the end, Sheila gets her way and we’ll see how that pans out in the next few episodes.

It’s summer time… Debbie’s daycare is back in service. Jimmy’s helping her run the business, especially while she trains to hold her breathe under water for longer than 90 seconds.After much practice, she finally succeeds in a triumphant win celebrated by the family at the end of the episode.


Fiona has started working at Keane’s and soon discovers that all the women, young and old, take turns blowing Bobby, the greasy manager. Since she’s blackmailing him, she doesn’t have to do it. She decides to gather the girls together at the house to stage a coo against him, at least before they discover that she’s not pulling her weight. After having a secret vote, Bobby’s blow jobs won out 6 to 3.

Next week we’ll see how the Gallaghers deal with Aunt Ginger’s buried body when the sewage company needs to dig up the backyard – including possible imprisonment if they find her body. Mandy gets super clingy with Lip and more trouble with Jimmy’s dad, Ian, and Mickey.

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