PRETTY LITTLE LIARS // What Becomes of the Broken Hearted


What a great episode tonight.  This is the first time in a while that each of the four girls have had separate story lines that we’ve all cared about.  Let’s get into it.


Well… Spencer has gone from devastated to sad to downright pissed off, and I must say I’m thoroughly enjoying getting to explore this side of her.  We kick off tonight’s episode thinking Spencer is missing, but while the girls are discussing her mysterious disappearance we see she’s showed up to school, looking a hot ass mess, to plead with her fellow members of the decathlon team after her recent dismissal from the club.  Andrew’s not letting up and she just gets angrier, she gets all in Mona’s face too “ there anything else you wanna take away from me?” Mona gives a silent emotionless “hell yea” and Spencer storms off.  Later that afternoon Andrew shows up at her house to smooth things over, and things got very smooth because they ended up playing a U.S. History Strip Tease Game … tomorrow I plan on doing research to find out if nerds really did this in high school or if it was just for the show, nonetheless I was all aboard … right after Spencer de-bra’s and before Andrew de-boxer’s Emily shows up and ruins everyone’s fun.  Andrew runs out and Emily looks at Spencer like she’s crazy “’re way too smart to play dumb..” all Spence has is “..I was about to show Andrew my cupcakes..” I think we all scoffed at that.  Really Spencer? That’s a new low even for you.  C’mon writers, no more of that coming out of her mouth.  Emily feels the same way because she tries to knock some sense into her but Spencer’s all like “THIS IS THE NEW ME!” and blah blah blah.  While I love seeing this side of Spencer, I need for her to eventually knock out of it.  Otherwise she’ll end up like Christina Aguilera, from hall of fame to the fall of shame.  I think once she finally tells the other three that Toby is part of the “A” Team she’ll be able to starting healing.  Meanwhile, melissAAAAAA is back!  I’m excited, because whenever big sis is in the picture crazy things start happening.  We don’t get to spend much time with her though before Wren shows up.  He’s been sent by monAAAAAA because she thinks Spencer is having a mental breakdown.  Did you guys notice the foreshadowing they did?  Wren mentioned how if someone had intervened with Mona sooner she wouldn’t have been institutionalized.  Is that the endgame the “A” Team has for Spencer? Hmm…  So with Wren in the picture Spencer uses him to hitch a ride to the decathlon competition.  Once there, ALL. HELL. BREAKS. LOSE.  It’s a Spencer Mona show down like we’ve never seen before.  Spencer went OFF … then Mona showed all of her “A” side and didn’t hold back … that just sent Spencer over the edge and she attacked Mona like Honey Boo Boo’s Mama attacks a KFC bucket a chicken #dontstandachance.  I think I may have audibly screamed when that happened.  Wren comes and in drags Spencer away screaming, Mona smiles knowing that she’s won.  Oh Spence … she is losing all across the board these days.  Like I said, I love it, but I also don’t want it to go on too much longer.  Get a grip!


Aria makes bad decisions.  She makes some good ones too, but out of everyone in the group she makes abrupt bad decisions.  She spent the entire episode flirting with LittleFitz … literally that’s all she did.  We allllllllllllllllllllll saw this coming.  Stevie Wonder tweeted about it earlier tonight.  We knew she was eventually going to invite him to stay at her house since he was homeless, and we knew they were going to kiss.  I’m very excited though because this is going to make things very interesting.  I don’t think that Ezra is trying to get back with his baby’s mother at all.  He’s going to come back home to Aria ready to work on their relationship and he’s going to find pink-lipped LittleFitz in love with his girlfriend.  However, LittleFitz is definitely in Aria’s age range and while I don’t condone cheating I can see how this could happen.


Random: whenever I think of Hanna I think of Whitney Houston’s character Rachel from The Bodyguard, because they both have the same last name Marin.  Anyways, at the very end of last week’s epsiode Hanna figured out that Uncle Jamie may actually be Caleb’s Daddy Jamie.  Tonight she confirmed her suspicions and then social worked the hell out of it to set up a meeting between the two.  Daddy Jamie almost didn’t show up at the coffee shop but at the last minute he came through.  He and Toby hit it off and Hanna worked her magic with her mom to get him a job at the church.  I must say that happened really quick for it to all be taking place at night, but then again I guess preacher man doesn’t really stay too busy.  On her way out of the church Hanna contributes some money to the church via its offering box.  To her dismay, she sees the same $5 bill she put in the box in Daddy Jamie’s hands later that night when he was paying for pizza.  Damn Jamie, we’re just stealing from churches now??!!?!?!?!  Something tells me Hanna’s going to end up changing her mind about him right around the same time he and Caleb are becoming best friends.  We’ll see how she handles that.


Emily spent her time tonight with Jason.  They went on an expedition to try and find a picture of Allison she gave to her father to prove she was with Wilden on his boat.  First they stop at home and there’s bottles of brown liquor stacked up all outside his house.  THAT right there should’ve been a red flag!!! Emily knew it too, you all saw it in her face, but she didn’t listen to her instincts.  Instead, they proceed to make a second stop at Jason’s dad’s office.  After perusing through some boxes they finally find the photo, and low & behold is possesses the clues they were looking for.  The picture not only showed her with Wilden but also with CeCe (more on that later) … Just when Emily & Jason were feeling all good about their detective work the elevator they’re in comes to a shaky halt.  This is when I sat up on the edge of my couch.  Jason pries the doors open (because he’s popeye apparently) so Emily can jump down to safety.  First, she almost dies !!!! but being the athlete she is, she finally jumps down … THEN! the elevator doors slam shut on Jason and it falls into the pits of hell.  I thought he was a goner, but he survived!  He’s in the hospital being nursed by Emily and she’s soon joined by her other three BFF’s, including Spencer.  It’s nice to see them all four together again.  But “A” can’t let them enjoy this moment because Jason is suddenly missing.  I’m not sure whether he left on his own accord or if he was kidnapped by “A” … either way it happen quick as hell because Emily had only left the room for 37 seconds.  We shall see!


I’VE BEEN SAYING FOR WEEEEEEEEEKS that she was a part of this.  It’s clear that while she was “getting her car towed” (we saw that she wasn’t) she had time to set Jason’s house up with 48 bottles of liquor, she had time to rig the elevator to try and kill Jason, and she had time to take the photo off of him during the accident.  Plus, during Jason’s flashback he mistakes her for Allison, something that I think everyone has been doing.  She’s obviously the girl with blonde hair in the red coat.  AAAANNNNDDDD I’ve been saying from day one that Melissa is involved on a higher level too.  I bet both of them are leaders in the “A” Team … it’s only a matter of time before the girls figure this out, but let’s hope it’s sooner than later.



…no one was surprised


…this answers so many questions !!!!!


Aria is officially out of control of this situation, but I have to say that was a hot kiss!



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