Shameless : “The Sins of My Caretaker”


This week we see the Chicago Department of Water Management give advanced notice that they will be working on the main sewer near the Gallagher house for a while. Fiona warns the gang that the water will be shut down, so everyone must get ready. Frank needs to find Aunt Ginger before they do. In a ploy to get him to help him dig up Ginger, Frank tells Carl that he’s cured from cancer to lure him into working for him. He even lies about a treasure to get some of his friends at the Alibi to join in the dig. Frank’s digging too slow, so the kids have to take it into their own hangs to find the body.

My Dad is Gay… Jimmy is still reeling from the revelation that his dad is gay, mainly the fact that he’s been hooking up all this time with Ian. Taking it extra hard, he starts reminiscing on his past and how is father acted. He’s over-analyzing every family moment and Fiona’s had enough. She tells him that he could have had a worse father. Angry at Fiona and having himself a pity party, Jimmy storms off and runs to Estefania and ends up having sex with her. Bad move, Jimmy. Why did you have to go and mess things up? I don’t even want to see how Fiona’s going to react at the betrayal.

Carl also learns about homosexuality this week and that Ian’s penis was in Jimmy’s dad’s mouth. Trying to explain what he meant, Jimmy accidentally reveals that Ian is gay. He spends the episode trying to figure out how being gay works, even asking Frank questions.

Sex Addict Once More… Jody is back in full sex mode, surprising Sheila with a sex swing. She’s not used to being submissive. Unexpectedly, Father Pete drops off a hospice patient, a nun, for Sheila. She starts to confide her feelings to the sister, especially how she derives pleasure from inflicting sexual pain on others. It’s a good thing the sister took a vow of silence, because I can’t imagine what she’d say to that.

However, her silence doesn’t apply to the Internet. Sheila realizes soon enough that her patient has been writing about her in a blog “The Sins of her Caretaker” and ends up leaving her back at the church.

Like Static Cling… Mandy has been super clingy, causing Lip to be very distant and cold with her. She can feel him pushing her away. Lip complains to Kev that she’s been getting way to clingy for his taste. “Girls take that hero crap straight to the bank,” Kev tells him, “You are ghetto married.” He even points out that Karen messed him up bad, which I couldn’t agree more with. I’m really liking this relationship between them and I don’t want to see him mess it up, however, Lip gets pretty nasty with her telling her to go home for once. Realizing he was wrong with Mandy, Lip decides he needs closure from Karen, so he calls her up to update her on how much she screwed him over. He asks for Mandy’s forgiveness and all is well once again.

She’s a He… Molly offers her help with Debbie’s daycare. No one has broken it to her that she’s really a boy, at least until Fiona reveals it to her.

Mean Girls… Debbie is looking forward to opening day at the pool. But she starts to feel body conscious surrounded by the older girls who’ve bloomed faster than her. These mean girls catch her looking at them and warn her to quit it, all while making fun of her lack of boobs. In order to grow up a bit, she borrows Fiona’s bikini, wearing it at the pool. The girls play a nasty trick on her when she sits in ketchup, making it seem to the whole pool that she got her period wearing a white bathing suit.

Fiona’s dealing with her own mean girls at work. Upset that she wasn’t pulling her blow job weight with Bobby, the women get nasty, even putting thumbtacks in her register drawer and locking her in the bathroom with cigarettes.

A really heartwarming scene was between Debbie and Fiona. Fiona tells Deb not to worry about those other girls. “Some girls are just jerks,” she tells her and that nobody messes with the Gallaghers. Debbie eventually gets her revenge on the girls, by shoving one of them under water.

Reproduction… Kev and V have been trying to have a baby, but no positive results yet. After a visit to her doctor’s, the gynecologist reaffirms that V has a 99.99 chance of not getting pregnant, but nothing is impossible. Wanting to make sure that the baby will share their DNA, they enlist V’s mother to carry their baby. It was such a weird scene to watch V’s mom inseminating herself with the turkey baster.

Robbery… Lloyd offers Ian a job to rob his house, since Jimmy’s mom changed the locks and he wants his stuff back.  Ian offers Mickey and his cousins the job. Mickey wonders why Ian is even interested in someone as old as Lloyd and Ian simply tells him that “he isn’t afraid to kiss me.” Things go awry at the robbery when Jimmy’s mom shoots Mickey in the butt and they race to get him medical attention at the Gallagher house.

A social worker (Lane from Gilmore Girls) from Child Protective Services ends up walking in the house when all the action is going on: Lloyd attending to Mickey’s bullet wound, Debbie’s daycare and her raving about having beat a girl in the pool, and Fiona having found Aunt Ginger’s body. You know it was going to lead to the kids being taken away.

Next week, we’ll see the kids taken by the state and Fiona needs Frank’s help to get them all back.

4 thoughts on “Shameless : “The Sins of My Caretaker”

  1. Yeah, I’m really upset about Jimmy. Like things were going well for them and he had to go and mess them up even more. I mean I get it he wants some compassion from Fiona, but its true shes dealing with 5 kids. There are bigger problems than his dad being gay. Things could be worse. And yeah I mean I’m all for them having a baby, but this was just so weird with that turkey baster. And that baby is going to be V’s sister technically, so I mean really weird.

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  3. AWWW!! I was waiting for you to post to know your thoughts! I found this episode so disturbing on so many levels. Shameless is really pushing it for me. Jimmy — WTF, dude! The dead body and Veronica and Kev?!? I swear when Veronica’s mom spread her legs to insert that turkey baster I had to look away. I’m excited to see how far Jody’s going to go with his sex addiction.

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