Inspector Spacetime


I was excited for this episode mainly because I am a huge Doctor Who fan so I was looking forward to them spoofing the BBC show. Features the made up show, Inspector Spacetime (spoof of BBC’s Doctor Who) when they all go to the annual inspector Spacetime Convention. They mention it is celebrating its 50th anniversary, same as Doctor Who. In Inspector Space Time, they use a phone box as their spaceship while the Doctor has a police box. As Abed said, “everyone’s entitled to their own opinion”, so here is mine.

Abed meets his Internet friend Toby, a Nigerian banker who had financial troubles so Abed sent him a check. Turns out, Toby is a real person played by, Matt Lucas (was in Bridesmaids, check out BBC’s Little Britain) and upon meeting Abed, the first thing he did was hand over the money he lent him. Meanwhile, Jeff learns he resembles the villain, Thoraxis from Inspector Spacetime so everyone at the convention is paying attention to him and he loves it. All this attention makes him change his mind and he decides to stay. Annie is in Jeff’s hotel room and when she orders room service, the operator mistakes her as Jeff’s wife and calls her Mrs. Winger. Of course her crush on him shows and it makes her day, so much she just picks up the phone to hear, “Mrs. Winger”. Perce and Shirley are offered to be part of a focus group to view the American version of Inspector Spacetime. They are enticed with words such as, “you represent several significant quadrants” and “your thoughts would be very valuable to us”. In Response, Shirley mutters, “ I’ don’t know” while Pierce interjects with “we’re in!” Troy has a mini freak-out when Abed is hanging out with Toby instead of him.

 Toby: “I’ve seem to forgot your name”

Troy: “First part of Troy and Abed. Toby and Abed in the morning that’s ridiculous, I’m not psycho.”

 Annie starts to pretend her and Jeff are married. She doesn’t keep this to herself, she talks to a hotel employee about how Jeff, her husband is a lawyer and she is a world famous police detective. Later, Jeff gets two drinks thrown at his face, one by Annie and another by a woman who thinks he is the actor from Inspector Spacetime. Annie creates a scene when she yells at “her husband” for lying to her for saying he was leaving but he never did. She then called him Jeff and throws a drink at his face, then the other women called him Nigel (the actor’s name who plays Thoraxis) and also throws a drink at his face and takes off. Abed realizes that Toby is dressed up as the 3rd Inspector who turned out not to be a good guy. As Abed realizes that, Toby locks Abed in a Phone booth. Luckily, Troy runs into Toby right in front of where Abed is. When Troy opens the phone booth we are treated to the familiar and amazing Troy and Abed handshake (first one of the season and I missed it). Annie confesses to Jeff she felt hurt when he ditched her. To ease the pain, Annie created a fantasy world where they were married and the hotel staff thought he was cheating on her. Jeff says one thing her fantasy got wrong was if they were married, she wouldn’t find him flirting with another woman in the hotel bar. This was a very cute scene and was nice to see Jeff Winger sharing his feelings with Annie.

Then back at the conference, the study group is together and then Jeff announces he has a surprise for everyone. Jeff goes in front of the audience and rips his shirt open. Exposing his abs and posing in front of the crowd, he shouts, “Bow before Thoraxis!” People gasp, cameras start flashing and people bow. At the end we are treated to part of Inspector Spacetime where Luke Perry plays Inspector Spactime and Jennie Garth plays his companion, Constable. Overall, I loved this episode. Maybe it was the Whovian inside of me, but it felt like the Greendale Seven were back. 

Here are some highlights:






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