SCANDAL // Boom Goes The Dynamite


I must say, I’m glad that we’re back in procedural land with this show.  It’s nice to see Olivia Pope & Associates back at work doing what they do best, while the President handles the issues of the world.  However, I’d like ABC to stop with the promos highlighting “Thursday Night’s Most Talked About Show On Twitter.” I mean … great.  They may as well say, “Thursday Night’s Number 1 Show Starring a Black Woman in it’s 2nd season.”  Anyways, let’s get to it.


This week OP&A is hired by Senator Peter Caldwell (aka: Daniel Meade from Ugly Betty) to help out his little brother Will who’s running for governor in North Carolina.  Will hasn’t dated in 10 years and is being suffocated with gay rumors.  However, Will insists he’s not gay and just hasn’t found the right woman.  Well in come OP&A to find the right woman for him.  As they go on a search to find the perfect political wife, this weeks montage song was “Play That Funky Music” by Wild Cherry.  I instantly had to go look it up and to my surprise, Wild Cherry is a white guy.  I had NO idea.  Was I the only one … ?? As the song plays on, the gladiators finally make a selection, until Abby fucks it all up.  She warns choice number 1 of the ramifications of an arranged political marriage and sends her fleeing for the hills.  I’m not sure if I missed this in an earlier episode but apparently Abby was in a marriage like that herself?  I knew her husband had been abusive but I didn’t know she was a government wife, interesting.  So on to choice number two they go.  Right when everything seems to be working out they find out that the story has been leaked to the press.  This leads to an excellent audio and video montage between Olivia and Harrison as she sends him on his way to “..FIX IT AT ALL COSTS!” Harrison does, because he’s a gladiator.  He also learns that the leak was not fake wife choice number one as they had previously thought, it came from someone inside the family.  Olivia suddenly gets Tobey Maguire’s Spidey Senses and figures out what we all figured out two scenes ago.  Peter’s wife has something going on with Will.  She rolls up on them making out in the garden, confirming her suspicion.  Will comes clean to Olivia and explains to her that he’s in love with his brothers wife and has no plan on giving her up.  Olivia comes for him, soooooo hard … and shuts their entire relationship down.  I loved her speech not only because it was written and delivered well, but because it was so apparent that she was talking to herself through Will.  Every word she said to him pertained to her relationship with Fitz.  “..Stolen moments aren’t a life..” #shonuffaint  At the end of the day Will ends it with sister-in-law and sets out to live happily ever after with his fake wife.  We later find out that big brother Peter knew about it all along, which is kind of gross since they were both probably having unprotected sex with her ……………………………………. yes, that was a long pause so you could let that marinate.  Anyways… #caseclosed


So David’s being followed the entire episode.  Now … okay.  First, why the hell is he at the school so late every night.  It’s not just 7 o’clock and the sun goes down early.  It’s more like 11 o’clock because it’s near pitch black outside, there’s NO ONE else in the school, and there’s NO ONE outside in the streets when he exits.  I don’t understand that.  I needed for them to explain to me what he was doing there consistently that late at night.  Anyways, so he goes to OP&A to get their help.  They decide that until they’re able to decrypt all of Wendy’s files (the dead girl they found in his bed last week) they would have to keep him on 24-hour surveillance.  In comes smelly ass Huck, who apparently hasn’t taken a shower in over a week … *sidebar: I’ve never actually been around anyone that smells so bad that they literally stink up an entire room.  It sounds gross and unsettling and I hope I never have to experience it … while watching David it starts to rain and Huck has a panic attack.  The water sends him into a downward spiral and he’s reminded of his horrific experience being water boarded, which is apparently the reason why he’s afraid to take showers.  While Huck is in a trance David is brought face to face with his stalker and it’s none other than Wendy’s BFF.  She’s following him because she knows he’s not the one who killed Wendy, and she’s afraid Wendy’s murderer is coming after her as well.  So now OP&A have David and BFF to take care of.  Thankfully Abby’s not that busy because she took care of David a few times tonight.  Once on the desk in the office and then again in his car in the parking garage.  They were getting it IN!  Made me wanna go pick someone up and park in a heavily lit parking lot and see what happens.  By the end of the episode Quinn has properly diagnosed Huck (though he thinks he’ll be find once it stops raining because he use to be Hannibal Lector) and we’ve decrypted Wendy’s files.  While going over the files the BFF is startled when she sees Wendy’s killer on the TV … it’s the Director of the CIA #ohsnap


Fitz has a lot of problems to take care of these days.  After last weeks mishap with the mission to rescue the hostages in Kashfar (a country I could not find on anyone’s map) he’s desperately trying to figure out what to do to get them back.  Things get even worse when the terrorists send a video of them beheading one of the American hostages.  Cyrus tells Mellie that Fitz needs to lay the smack down on the country “..even if that means bombing a wedding..” to send them the message.  Mellie relays the message to Fitz and he follows through.  Cyrus is pleased, until he finds out that Mellie took credit for it herself.  He’s already upset because Fitz has pushed him out of the inner circle, but the last person he wants to be replaced by is Mellie.  After Fitz starts getting backlash from the parents of the hostages Mellie decides to hold a private conference call with the families to ease their nerves.  Seems like a great idea until the private conversation goes public, all thanks to Cyrus Beene.  Fitz is heated and in goes Cyrus, out goes Mellie.  It’s an interesting power struggle between these two.  What’s even more interesting is that Fitz seems like he has no idea what’s going on.  In the end I’m not sure who’s going to win this game.  Cyrus & Mellie are both relentless and a bit evil; they both want power, but only one of them has the love angle to pull Fitz in.  So we’ll see… Meanwhile, we’re introduced to a very special friend of the President, which brings me to …


Now last week we saw that Jake is monitoring Olivia from his house.  **Noel would’ve never did that to Felicity**  This week we find out that Fitz has hired his Navy buddy Jake to surveillance of Olivia and report back to him what he finds out.  Fitz insists it’s not personal but that’s a bold faced lie.  Part of me does wonder though, is Fitz going to try and take Olivia down at some point? Or is he just really really really pissed off that the woman he loves could betray him on such a deep level? Either way President Grant has crossed the line.  Moving along, the first date between Jake and Olivia I thought was pretty cool.  Olivia shows up a little late just as Jake it paying the bill for a bottle of wine.  Jake informs her that in lieu of the wonderful evening she’s put together he has different plans for the night.  He takes her on a moonlit picnic at the Jefferson Memorial and it immediately makes me want to fly to DC and have a date there.  A couple of foot long hot dogs from Ben’s Chili Bowl and some Chili Fries sitting on those steps with a boo thang ?!?!?! #signmeup ….. Olivia gets a little information out of him about Albatross (which they eventually find out is CIA Director Osbourne) and then she has to jet.  The next day Jake gives her a call, while surveilling, and asks her out on a second date.  She turns him down insisting that she doesn’t date, but it’s really because she’s hella emotional and has no idea how she’s going get that crinkly hair straight.  Another day passes and he calls her again because Navy men don’t give up on these things too easily.  During that phone call Olivia is spotted by Fitz looking all happy and giddy … he’s pissed, because that’s the way he used to make her feel.  Fitz summons Jake back into the Oval Office and demands he tells him who the man is in Olivia’s life.  He was quite rude about it too I might say “..I am your Commander in Chief..” Jake assures him Olivia isn’t dating anyone … but that’s only half true since she had just called him to confirm their second date.  Hmm, Fitz isn’t going to like that … but Jake doesn’t strike me as the type to follow orders he doesn’t think he should be following.


I only have a couple this week.


…. makes you wanna get it on in the office doesn’t it ?!


I do love when we get to see Olivia being vulnerable.  But as a guy, how does she get her hair to go from this … to how it usually looks? I’m confused.

One thought on “SCANDAL // Boom Goes The Dynamite

  1. First of all, she gets her hair from that to how it usually looks with a blowdryer and a flat iron. haha

    I am glad that they are moving back to the original show format as well. The whole borderline abusive relationship between Olivia and Fitz really bothers me… especially in the episode before last when he chased her down & yanked her into the closet. Not hot!

    I was really glad that Jake didn’t tell Fitz that it’s him taking Olivia’s attention because Fitz woulda shut it down so fast and I’m loving Jake and his creepy watching self!!

    Also, why is Fitz so gullible?? How is it that everyone is able to lie to him and he never suspects anything??


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