Shameless : “Cascading Failures”

Episode 306

This week, the Department of Family Services takes the kids away from the Gallagher house.

Lip and Ian get placed in a group home for delinquents and deviants. It’s not so bad for them since they have experience being in the system.  With Mickey and Mandy’s dad out of town, she sneaks in to the home for a conjugal visit with Lip while Ian sneaks out to play house with Mickey. Surprise! His dad shows up and ends up beating Mickey to a pulp and calling “The Russian” to take care of Ian.

Debbie ends up running her own daycare in the house she’s placed. The foster lady has too many kids and she ends up leading the show. Sneaking a quick text to let Fiona know where she is, Fiona visits her and they share a sweet moment and a Hershey’s kiss.

Carl and Liam get placed with a gay couple looking to adopt a biracial baby, so Liam is the perfect fit. Carl inquiries about their sex life and even starts to steal from them to run away. After running back to the house, V convinces Carl to go back home, especially since she knows what it’s like for a foster kid to run away. She tells him to make sure that they won’t want to adopt Liam any longer.

Fiona ends up quitting her job once Bobby blackmails with talking to Family Services. After talking with Brittany, the case worker, she decides to search for a family to take all the kids, so they can end up together for the time being. She asks Kev and V for help to get them back, but it turns out they can’t since Ethel ran away their “kid credit” is bad. I really feel for Fi this whole episode. She’s doing her best trying to raise and keep the family together and it seems she just never gets a win. Eventually she decides to try to find Monica before having to result to asking Frank.

Frank’s ready to skip town in case Ginger’s body is discovered in the backyard. He goes to the Alibi room in an attempt to hitch a ride with a truck driver. Failing miserably, Frank ends up helping Fiona get the kids back. After enlisting Sheila to pose as Monica for DFS, they have to take parenting classes and drug tests to pass in order to get the court hearing to get the kids back. They pass with flying colors and the kids are almost home.

Jimmy didn’t have much action in this week. He returns just in time to see the kids get taken away and works to absolve his guilt from cheating on Fiona by being extra supportive during this trying time.

In what were the most disturbing scenes this week, we see Kev and Carol, V’s mom, attempting to create their baby/grand baby the old-fashioned way. In a hilarious line, Kev tells V that she must be crazy and that “this is an express bus to the Maury Povich show.” You have to see this ghost sheet they put on Carol. Things just get weirder from there.

I’m really glad the case worker is on Fiona’s side and what a cliffhanger at the end when she finds out that Frank was the one who reported them to DFS in the first place. Her face of betrayal was the perfect way to close the episode. Fiona knows that Frank is a low life, but just when she thought he couldn’t get any lower he did.

Next week, we’ll see Fiona trying to take away Frank’s parental rights and Jimmy realize he needs to make more of a commitment on Estefania, which we know is going to cause more drama once Fi finds out.

How’d you feel about this week’s episode? Are you as disturbed as I am about this Kev and V’s mom story line?

3 thoughts on “Shameless : “Cascading Failures”

  1. This was such an emotional episode, the whole Mickey getting essentially raped scene was disturbing along with Ian’s reaction I was really upset. I can’t wait to see Fiona’s reaction to knowing that Frank called Social Services and the whole Kev, V and V’s mum scene was the weirdest thing i’ve scene and kind of creepy.

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