Pretty Little Liars // OUT OF SIGHT OUT OF MIND


This show … seriously just keeps getting better and better.  Let’s get right to the recap.


Tonight’s episode picks up right where we left off last week.  Spencer almost died in the sauna and Aria came to her rescue; Emily rushes right over but Hanna is nowhere to be found.  Spencer is convinced that the culprit of her murder attempt is Toby because Mona is in NYC with the Debate Team … not a bad observation but I’m not sure why Spencer hasn’t expanded her mind to realize that the “A” team is most likely more than 2 people deep.  She decides it’s time to tell her friends about Toby and while they’re shocked and appalled, right away Emily doesn’t believe it.  The next day Spencer receives a floral funeral bouquet with a note promising her loose lips have secured someones fatal demise.  She eventually believes that to be Emily because at the coffee shop Mona gives Emily the look of death and Spencer decodes the floral sash and reveals the “EM” … kudos to Spence because I never would’ve figured that one out.  When she tell Emily all of this she’s still not convinced … but more on Emily later.  Realizing she’s on her own, Spencer decides to tail Mona.  This is probably one of her least thought ideas yet; it’s been obvious from the beginning that each of the girls are being watched at all times so of course “A” is going to know when they’re trying to flip the script.  Mona leads Spencer out in the woods and runs off into the trees.  When Spencer follows she rolls up on what appears to be Toby’s dead body.  There’s blood, there’s his tattoo, and there’s Mona conveniently yelling “..he’s dead!”  Spencer of course is devastated.  She runs after Mona but eventually Mona disappears and Spencer’s left all alone rolling around in the dirt by herself in the woods.  She’s discovered the next day by the police as “Jane Doe” and is taken into the Rosewood Funny Farm.  *exhale* … okay.  Spencer was off her ENTIRE game tonight.  The fact that she didn’t even attempt to remove the helmet from Toby’s body is ludicrous!  I’ve seen enough horror movies to know that you need PROOF that the person is dead.  I’m not sure I even believe that’s something she would’ve let slide.  Spencer is smart … most of the time … and even though she was devastated and hurt up I just find it hard to believe she wouldn’t want to see his face.  Plus, why didn’t she go back to the boy once Mona disappeared.  On the flip side, maybe seeing his dumb ass tattoo was enough and she was so overcome with emotion that she mentally collapsed right then and there.  Either way, I’m not totally convinced.  As far as we know it could’ve been Toby pretending to be dead (which Hanna later pointed out) because the “A” team knew Spencer would go crazy.  Mona made it her mission weeks ago to get Spencer in the Asylum and that’s exactly where she is.  It ALSO could’ve been the body of Detective Wilden, that wouldn’t surprise me in the least.  Still, just when we thought Spencer was getting back to normal she’s hit an entirely new rock bottom.  Mona just keeps winning, and winning, and winning.  It’s a sad situation but I’d be surprised to see Spencer stay locked up for too long, as soon as the Hastings find out about this they’ll be right checks and getting people fired until she’s released.


Emily.  You did so much this episode while also doing nothing … seemingly.  She actually found out some great information, I think, only she doesn’t realized she’s found it out.  She spent the entire hour in denial rattling on that there must be more to the story because no way Toby’s evil …. way.  She calls him, no response.  She texts him, no response.  She goes by his house and it looks like no ones been there since Glee was still good.  His business partner … because 17-year-old’s have businesses … randomly shows up but he claims he hasn’t seen or heard from Toby in weeks.  Then Emily goes to the police station and hacks her mom’s computer to use their database.  She gets the very bright idea to look up Toby’s alias.  Right when the information is about to pop up on the screen she gets a text from Toby “..stop looking, I’ll meet you..”  Emily heads out later that evening to meet Toby but he never shows.  After sitting there for two hours listening to Melissa Ethridge she decides to give up … until she sees CiCi the blonde in the red coat strut into the building she’s parked outside of.  Once inside she has a very awkward, peculiar, twilight zone-ish conversation with the same “business partner” she saw outside Toby’s house.  He claims: Toby’s not there, neither is the blonde in the red coat, and he called her by name because she told him what her name was earlier.  Dismissed, she heads back to the car to find the window busted out her car … but I guess she has good insurance because she doesn’t seem concerned.  What catches her eye is a package left in her front seat with a message “..Toby is No More..” and a freshly printed program for Toby’s funeral.  *exhale* … okay! Emily was damn near on cruise control all night.  WHY didn’t she finish letting the profile load on the computer at the police station so she could get all the information.  WHY didn’t she stay at the Cavanaugh house to see what Toby’s friend was up to.  WHY didn’t she challenge him more when she knew she hadn’t told him her name.  WHY didn’t she realize that she could’ve been standing in a huge “A” Warehouse and give the place a good snooping.  Everything she usually does she didn’t do and it’s ridiculous.  She’s so clouded and focused on Toby not being the bad guy that she’s missing all the signs .


Going with the trend of bad decisions tonight, Hanna and her mom have promised to keep the possible murder of Detective Wilden a secret (a promise that Hanna eventually breaks).  Ashley thinks she sees him in town and then almost gets hit by a car, but I think she was hallucinating.  Hanna then sees a car resembling Wilden’s from the window … but I’m pretty sure that was being driven around by “A.”  Supporting my claim, the car shows up in Hanna’s garage after someone beeps the horn to get her attention and then runs off.  Even worse, the video that recorded the alternation between Wilden and Ashley is playing on a loop.  Then, because no one’s thinking through their decisions tonight, Hanna enlists Aria’s help to push the car into the lake.  Then car sinks down into water and Hanna decides to not tell her mom about any of it.  Besides, Ashley’s convinced herself that nothing else bad is gonna happen from it because things have been so calm since the altercation.  Yea right … This entire situation is just a mess and I’m not sure how it’s going to turn out.  Don’t be surprised if Ashley is in prison by the end of the season and Hanna’s grandmother has to move in to take care of her.


All I have to say about this situation is that I was right.  I knew Maggie and Malcolm were going to randomly show up in Rosewood.  I knew Aria was not going to know how to handle it.  No one was surprised when she offered to babysit Malcolm, and when we saw him jumping up and down on the bed we all knew he was going to fall right off and hurt himself.  I don’t think it’s over for Aria & Fitz but this is going to be the biggest reality check of her life.  At the end of the day, she’s dating a grown man with a child and she’s still in high school.  In real life this relationship is doomed … for one she has to go to college!  How many people stay with their high school sweetheart all throughout college?  I know zero …


– It’s time for them to realize that the “A” Team is much bigger than Toby & Mona … for one there’s Melissa & CiCi who are prime suspects.  And I’m still convinced Lucas is involved somehow.  I also wouldn’t be surprised if dumb Paige was a part of it, it wouldn’t be the first time “A” has sent someone in fake fall in love with one of the girls.

– Where’s Jason?  It’s peculiar that there’s been no update since he disappeared from the hospital bed.  I realize he could be with the “A” team as well but I refuse to believe it.  I actually think he’s a good one.

– I can’t fully react to Toby being dead but I don’t fully believe it.  Too many questions were left up in the air for us to really know that happened.

– I’m glad we’re letting the storyline with Caleb’s dad simmer a bit.  It’s not a major plot point and Hanna clearly has a lot more to deal with now.



#EzrasNewFamily was the best hashtag ever lol


This is NOT enough evidence !!!!


This Spencer breakdown was for real … I felt all of it


Spencer … you in danger girl.

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