Shameless “A Long Way From Home”

Frank and Fiona

In this week’s episode, we see Fiona go to battle to gain guardianship of the kids, while Frank tries to prove he’s a “fit” father not to lose his parental rights. With Lip and Ian’s help, Fiona gets everything she needs to go to war. Debbie and Carl are still in their foster homes and Jimmy is still playing house with Estefania.

After finding out last week that Frank called Family Services and reported them, Fiona has made it her mission to fight him for guardianship. She enlists Jimmy’s help to get a lawyer to represent her pro-bono, while Lip and Ian work on forging Aunt Ginger’s “will” that will leave the house to Fiona. V helps Fiona get a dead body from the morgue, so they can produce a death certificate – the corpse ends up losing her toe to keep it the same with Aunt Ginger, which Fiona really shows what lengths she’s willing to go for the kids when she cuts her toe off.

Carl is still having a hard time adjusting to living with his foster parents and adhering to their rules, a tutor, and church. Debbie is still at Mama Kamala’s. Mama gives Debbie a new job working in her basement sweatshop with the other girls making jewelry and crafts in exchange for White Castle burgers and fries.

Meanwhile, Frank spends his time this episode trying to “sober” up and settle his plan to fool the judge by the court date. He attempts to get AA chips by going to a meeting and grabbing a character reference from Father Pete. Unsuccessfully securing the chips, he helps Sheila stage an sex intervention for Jody and borrows his instead.

Jody’s sex addiction is becoming too much for Sheila especially the choking and gang bang he had planned with his buddies. To make matters worse, Sheila is surprised by Hymie’s father and grandmother, who show up to take him home. She reluctantly gives him up to them citing that he should be with his father. I didn’t expect to lose Hymie this week. Poor Sheila’s devastated by the loss until Karen returns towards the end of the episode. That was a pretty heartwarming moment between mother and daughter. It was nice to see Sheila welcome Karen with open arms, no judgment and telling her that “the best thing about mistakes is that we get to correct them” and proceeds to tell her about Hymie. 

Mickey still won’t talk to Ian after last week’s incident where Mickey’s father catches them having sex and almost beats him to death. Mandy tries to convince Lip to register for the SATs but Lip won’t do it. Drugging Mama, Debbie escapes and runs home to eat and bring back food for the others. Lip and Mandy visit Carl to make sure he’s doing okay and promise to get him back soon.

Every week, I’ve been getting more annoyed with Jimmy’s behavior. I felt bad for him having to deal with his parents’ impending divorce, no longer having money and his dad being gay came as a shock to him. I get it, but what he’s been doing to Fiona is just not okay. It’s fine that he doesn’t have much of a choice to stay in a fake marriage with Estefania for the sake of his life, but him physically cheating on Fiona is just wrong. Running to Estefania for comfort when Fiona was bogged down with the kids and Aunt Ginger’s body was an immature and childish move.

Jimmy is more of a jerk this week. He does his best to support Fiona in her pursuit of the kids and being at the court date, but running to Estefania when INS shows up and ditching the situation is what it is. But after finding out that Steffy’s 911 call was really a booty call to finish her off cause her john couldn’t is crossing way over the line. I know that he’s insecure and unsure about Fiona, especially how she didn’t count him in on the decision to “adopt” the kids for at least the next 16 years, but he has to understand that this is who Fiona is. She’s trying to save her family and those kids. She’s only doing the best with what she knows. I’m interested to see when Fiona’s going to find all of this out and if there will really being anything left to save this relationship and if either of them will want to. 

Speaking of the court date, I’d have to say that this was one of the most honest and heartbreaking episodes of Shameless that I’ve ever seen. Fiona’s appeal to the judge was so raw and real. Props to Emmy Rossum on her performance. Fiona just wants to make sure that these kids get the life that they deserve and that they have a decent childhood one that she didn’t get to experience thanks to Frank and Monica. You can tell that Frank was full of bull and I’m glad that the judge could see that. Once more, I loved how they had him consider and talk to Fiona on how she would feel and if she really is ready to take this responsibility for most of her life, especially something that would have to include her future husband/family. In the end, Fiona is granted guardianship, but unbeknownst to her, their cousin Patrick, filed a will for Aunt Ginger last year and he owns the house.

So how about you? Is Jimmy bothering you the same way? Do you think Fiona should have taken guardianship?

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