PRETTY LITTLE LIARS // Will The Circle Be Unbroken


So… this episode ended up not being quite as annoying as I thought it might be.  I was worried we were going to be watching ABC Family’s version of Girl, Interrupted starring Spencer Hastings.  Thankfully it didn’t go there!  I will say the thing I really like about this show is that I think the characters are portrayed very true to how 17 and 18-year-old’s would act and react in these circumstances.  As smart as they are they still make silly mistakes and decisions that people pre-college would probably make.  As much as I find myself saying “why’s she doing that?! I would never do that!” I’m not so sure 17-year-old me would be any smarter.  Anyways, let’s get into it…


Looking for Spencer? She’s come out from hiding to be found right at Radley.  I must admit, I rolled my eyes a few times at Spencer tonight.  The first being her “I’m Jane Doe” line, the second and sixth being every time she was “tired of being Spencer Hastings.”  But the end of the episode I fully bought into it because of how dedicated and true Troian Bellisario played her in this episode.  The coolest thing was Spencer’s unlikely friendship with the real Eddie Lang.  Spencer put him up on game about how Toby was using his identity to sneak in and out of Radley … he was not happy, but also not surprised.  Eddie also let us know that Toby had been a frequent visitor at Radley years ago when his mother was a patient … I stopped and racked my brain to try and remember if we’ve ever seen or met Toby & Jenna’s parents – I’m coming up blank.  Also emerging out of the shadows tonight is a stronger Dr. Sullivan .. stronger because she’s not afraid or stronger because she’s on a short least by “A?”  Spencer tells her Toby is dead but it’s obvious Dr. Sullivan doesn’t believe her.  Why should she?  There was no body found in the woods and Spencer never even bothered to pull of the helmet or find the source of blood on the body.  Sadly, Spencer’s unable to see the the reason “A” would want her to think Toby’s dead … clearly the rest of us see it.  Moreover, Mona all but spells it out for her and it goes right over her head.  What I’m most surprised about is how Spencer didn’t bite at Mona’s offers to find out all the information to the questions she hasn’t even thought to ask yet.  She even proves it when she tells Spencer Alison wasn’t pregnant.  I WANT TO KNOW EVERYTHING!  I need for Spencer to pull it together and get those diaries with a quickness.  If I were her I would play crazy and act however I needed to act with Mona to get her to spill the beans.  Even more sadly, Spencer can’t play crazy because she’s already gone crazy.  In one of the most poignant and alarming scenes, Spencer pours out her entire heart during group therapy … only midway through she thinks she’s talking to her friends … and then she’s not anymore.  The look in her eyes says it all: “I’ve gone mad.”


Hanna and her mom Ashley … are a mess.  The fact that Hanna hasn’t told her mom that she pushed Wilden’s car into the lake is something only a teenager would do.  But let’s be honest, Hanna & Ashley run their relationship more like big sister little sister than mom & daughter … but we can discuss that a different day.  Tonight Wilden casually pops back in as if nothing had even happened.  I made more of a deal about that on my couch than the show did.  He seems as if he doesn’t want any trouble … I guess getting ran over by Ashley taught him a lesson ?? … all he wants is his car back.  There’s something deeper there.  At first I thought maybe he doesn’t want his money coming out of his paycheck to pay for his “lost” police car: unlikely.  Then I thought maybe he wants the video of the altercation he had with Ashley so he could use it against her: maybe, but also unlikely.  So there’s something … else … and I feel like it has to do with the Rosewood Police hat that floated to the surface of the lake.  I’ll have to keep thinking about this one.  Other than that, Hanna convinced her mom to fly to New York for work in hopes of getting a promotion … in which case the Marin’s would be leaving Rosewood and their problems behind in it.  Ashley’s holy boyfriend was not feeling that idea so maybe through the power of Jesus he’ll block her blessing.  I would like for Ashley to get the promotion though because I think that would add an interesting element.  How would “A” deal with trying to ruin someone’s life if they’re not in the 30 mile radius of Rosewood?


Tonight was more of the same with Aria.  Fitz wants a job to pay for his family.  He ain’t got one.  Aria goes to Byron to see if he can give him one.  Byron meets with Fitz to tell him he can’t.  … and so forth.  The most interesting part was Aria’s sit down with the Principal when she was asked point blank if her and Mr. Fitz were seeing each other “socially.”  She lied and said it lasted 2 days and she hasn’t seen him since then.  I would love for Ezra to start working at Rosewood High again … bring him back up in the school.  Can’t you just see Ms. Montgomery walking in on him and Aria making out on top of his desk?!?! #drama


In tonight’s flashback Alison and Spencer at are church with “Loser Mona” singing “Will The Circle Be Unbroken.”  They of course make fun of her and when she exits the church she gives Spencer the look of “you have no idea that I’m going to ruin your life.”  The most telling part is that Alison explains to Spencer that she’s writing her diaries for her … Why? So she “carry on after I’m gone.” ?!?!?! Carry on what? Where’s Alison going? Did she know someone was trying to kill her? UGH … I need answers !!!


– We haven’t seen a lot of faces in a while.  Obviously Toby’s … nor Caleb … nor Lucas … nor Jenna … nor Jason.  Speaking of Jason, where the hell is he?! and why haven’t any of the girls been looking for him?!

– This is one of the first episodes in a while we weren’t teased by the blonde in the red coat.

– Melissa did a good job of trying to make me think she’s a good girl … but I didn’t buy it.  She’s on the “A” Team as far as I’m concerned.

– Why was it such a big deal that Paige didn’t tell Emily that Shana was a swimmer?  There’s something there too.

– Whatever happened to Ms. Montgomery’s coffee shop boyfriend?

– Who was the worker in Radley that got blamed for the badge breach?




You know Pretty Little Liars love to foreshadow.


Remember when we used to feel sorry for this one?


Aria went OFF on Mona !!!! It was great.


The answer to that … might be yes.


Kudos to Troian Bellisario for tonight’s performance.

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