Well… the episode before the finale did everything it was supposed to do.  It dropped bombs, it escalated stories, it got us all ready for next Tuesday’s season three finale.  I need a moment to collect my thoughts because a lot happened tonight …. ….. …. ….. okay, let’s begin.


As much as I want to believe that the real Spencer Hastings is still alive and well, the new Spencer Hastings continues to do things that support the fact that she’s out of her mind.  We start out tonight with Spencer getting a visit from her gal pals … yes they’re actually there this time.  But Ms. Hastings wasn’t giving them any life.  They were excited for her to come home and wanted to get her back to her normal self but she was “..too tired to have this conversation..”  Even Hanna couldn’t elicit any kind of response from her when she downright insulted her.  Ugh … So Spencer decides to stay in Crazytown and the next day Dr. Wren finally shows up, interrupting her conversation with her new BFF Eddie.  It’s clear Eddie & Wren have beef going on … Eddie don’t trust Wren, Wren don’t trust Eddie – classic who’s bigger contest.  Wren pointed out that the game Eddie gave to her was a game Mona was obsessed with when she was in Radley.  Smart Spencer emerges and realizes that the game is a map to all the secrets and souvenirs Mona had around the building.  The first leads her to an window that unlatches so that she can come and go as she pleases.  The second leads her into an isolated part of the building … that was apparently used for crazy babies in the 1960s.  While there she sees Allison #eyeroll … okay first I had a problem with this because I’m like it’s obviously not Allison, but if it’s not Allison then how is casper the blonde ghost telling her pertinent information.  Then I thought for a second, and I came to the conclusion that Allison is really Spencer’s subconscious trying to break through.  The smart side of Spencer that’s buried deep down is trying to get out and the only way she’s able to get through to herself is through a delusion of Allison … now that’s that’s settled – Spencer finds the jackpot in a toy horse.  It contains a nurses hat, a fake ID badge and a guest pass for who ?!?!?! CECE DRAKE !!!!! I’ve been sayyyyyyyyyying it for weeks that ho was involved.  As soon as she retrieves the stash Dr. Wren appears.  I shrieked!  I was sure he was about to knock her upside the head with a steel rod.  But he didn’t.  He told Spencer that CeCe came to see Mona because she wanted to help her go down the right path #bullshit and that Allison was the one who got CeCe kicked out of college.  And WHO told CeCe that Mona was at Radley ??? #drumroll M E L I S S A …. this is just so much.  My entire prophecy is coming true before my very eyes … until next week happens and we find out that Hanna’s stepsister and Aria’s brother are behind it all.  We end tonight’s episode learning that Spencer has agreed to be Mona’s puppet … I love when the episode name is worked into the episode.  OMG … I literally JUST realized this as I’m writing it.  Spencer was the one who stole Malcolm.  She escaped through the open window and took him to the puppet show which is why she had those two tickets.  W O W.  I’m leaving it at that.  I can’t even deal right now.  But I will say, I pray that smart Spencer is back because if she’s made a deal with the devil she needs to have a master plan of getting out of it and coming out on top.


Jumping back and then ahead a bit, Emily & Hanna found themselves back in the morgue tonight.  Emily thought the only way to convince Spencer that Toby wasn’t dead was to take a photo of the dead body they found in the woods and show it to her.  Of course that plan crashed and burned because when they unzipped the bag “A” had slipped one of her masks over the dead man’s face.  THEN the girl in the red coat showed up – Aria tried to chase her down but she jumped in the fastest elevator in the world and got away.  I must add that the girl in the red coat looked very surprised that the girls were there so that was also interesting.  While Emily spent the entire hour trying to find all the evidence she could to prove that Toby was still alive … BOMBSHELL ALERT … her mom told her that another body of a young male had been found in a shallow grave in the woods.  Apparently it’s going to take hours to identify the body because of the “significant trauma.”  I gasped.  Emily, against her mother commands, ran over to bring Hanna & Aria up to speed.  Then we close the episode with the medical examiner pushing the body into the morgue with a close up on the tattoo — Toby’s tattoo.  Let me just say this.  If Toby isn’t dead I’m going to be pissed.  They’ve put too much effort into it and if it turns out to be a big sham and Toby’s been alive this entire time I’m going to be annoyed.  So if Toby is still alive I hope PLL has the reveal of a LIFETIME to explain the reasoning of all this sheep wool and blankets over eyes … especially Mine.


So.  Malcolm was stolen by “A” who was actually Spencer.  smh.  Not much more to say about this other than I was just as genuinely concerned as Aria was when she was searching for him.  “A” is going very far messing with people’s children like this.  Malcolm didn’t hurt anybody!!!!  I do need someone to teach him about strangers though.  If you don’t SEE Aria or HEAR from her you don’t just go with Aria’s friend.  Thankfully he ended up being safe but it gave Aria an eye-opening experience and she realizes she’s not ready for any of this.  Told you all this was gonna happen!  When she tried to break up with Ezra he wasn’t having it.  Something tells me when Little Fitz comes back … next week I hope !!! she’ll be able to shut it all the way down for good.


“A” basically beasted the hell out of Hanna tonight.  We were all thinking that Caleb’s dad was bad news.  That he had the NERVE to steal an $8,000 bronze bell from the CHURCH and sell it (after melting it down) on the internet.  We applauded and teared up when Caleb went off on him.  We shook our heads in disbelief when he gave Hanna a present with his stolen money.  But come to find out … it was “A” all along.  Daaaaaannnnnggggg.  I can’t lie, this one hurt a little bit.


The finale is next week.  Something big ALWAYS happens and I have no idea what it could possibly be.  Do we find out if Toby is really dead?  Is Mona coming back?  What about Jenna & Jason? Is Spencer going to have to do something really terrible for Team “A” to one of her friends?  Will I finally be satisfied when we find out that CeCe and Melissa are running the show? Where the hell is Aria’s brother?!?!



Pretty Little Liars has the best hashtags ever.


“A”! You don’t be messing with people’s children!!


She’s crazy.  It may be official.


I SAID IT !!!!!


Dead? Or not dead? That is the question.


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