Can “Girls” go back to what it once was — a comedy?

It took me awhile to write this recap because I was trying to figure out my feelings towards the second season of Girls. I decided that it left me feeling… lackluster. Girls started off strong and then just went down. And the writing isn’t the only place it declined. The second season finale was down 37 percent from the first. Uh, oh. 

I find Girls to be at its best as an ensemble. I like when each character gets their story. For some reason, there were episodes where Lena Dunham was featured with only one other person. Did you see the episode that caused some stir, “One Man’s Trash” with guest star Patrick Wilson? Aside from the first 2 minutes with Ray at the coffee shop, Lena Dunham and Patrick Wilson were the only two people featured in the entire episode. When I first watched this, I was left feeling very uncomfortable. I felt it was almost too intrusive on the intimate relationship between two people. I didn’t understand Lena’s need for nudity when I felt like it wasn’t necessary and I also found the idea of a man like Patrick Wilson spending an entire weekend with a girl like Lena Dunham unrealistic. Yeah, I said it. I think Lena is a pretty girl, but I don’t see a girl like her being with a guy like him. It’s just my opinion, take it or leave it.

I felt conflicted over Hannah’s O.C.D. I went from feeling confused about where it come from. I questioned, “Did I miss a discussion about this during the first season? Did any other character mention this before?” At first I thought it could bring an interesting element to her character. I thought, okay, I get it. She’s feeling  immense pressure over her digital book deal. But then it went from 0 to 60 before I had a chance to take it all in.


What happened to the friendships between the girls on this show? Half way through this season, no one was talking to each other. Why didn’t Hannah reach out to any of her friends about her issues? Why did she hide from Marnie when she came to check on her?


Ray and Shoshanna | These two were one of the few things I liked this season. The dissolution of their relationship was realistic. We started the season with Ray and Shosh trying to figure out what they wanted to be after having sex. Shoshanna wanted a relationship, as any girl who loses her virginity to a guy would. Ray and Shosh became a couple. But things got complicated quickly. Shoshanna discovered that her 30 something year old boyfriend was technically homeless and living with her. Then she slowly realized that their personalities were too different. Shosh is a young girl whose peppy, likes dress and hair bows. She likes to talk to people. Ray is a guy who has no ambition.  A guy who hates everything, “The sound of children playing, all of his living relatives and people who wear sunglasses during the day.” She was tired of being the only thing he liked. She says, “Maybe I can appreciate your black soul when I’m older, but I can’t deal with it now.” She breaks up with Ray. We last see Shoshanna making out with a new boy at a bar in the season finale. 


Marine | I thought this season was going to be a transition and change for Marnie. She started off the show as the “put together one.” But after her break-up with Charlie and the loss of her job, she’s been a bit of a train wreck. She slept with Hannah’s gay ex, Elijah and that crazy self-absorbed artist Booth Jonathan. Let’s talk about that for a second. How ridiculous was that scene when he locked her in that incredibly creepy art room? What would you have called that? I would have been out the door if a guy made me watch dead dogs and babies crying while playing Duncan Sheik! And that doll? WTF was THAT about?!

Then Marnie decided she was going to be a singer, *sigh.* Can we all just agree that no one should ever sing, Kanye West? Kanye doesn’t even sound good singing Kanye West. I was excited about where they were taking Marine on her journey to self discovery, but she just ended up back with Charlie. He sold an app and made a ton of money. Side note: If this were 10 years ago, I can buy the “I got filthy rich off my app idea.” But in 2013, I hardly doubt you would get six figures for that. Anyway, Charlie sold an app, got hot and other girls wanted to have sex with him. Suddenly Marnie is making a ridiculous speech to Charlie about wanting to be with him, have his “brown babies – huh? and make him lunch everyday. So this is Marnie coming full circle? Her life is now complete because she’s back with her ex-boyfriend? Okay. Sure.

Jessa | Jessa started season 2 married to Thomas John, then got a divorce and became sad.  Went to visit her absent father, and then ditched Hannah at a train station. Pretty simple way to send her off so Jemina Kirke could have her baby. I’m sure we’ll see her pop up from some adventure in season 3.


Adam | What can I say about Adam. He’s never been a favorite of mine. He’s always been weird and scary, but uncharacteristically and occasionally sweet when it came to Hannah. At the start of the season Hannah stomped and destroyed Adam’s heart. She called the cops on him and told him that she never wanted to see him again. He spent a large portion of the season sulking about wanting her back. Until he met Sheri Appleby’s, Natalia. But can a guy like Adam be with a girl like Natalia? If you saw last weeks, “On All Fours” then you might think no. Adam isn’t meant to be with a girl like Natalia. He’s meant to be with Hannah. I guess that’s were we leave those two, because at the end of the season finale, he’s “rescuing” Hannah from herself. *Sigh.*

What were your thoughts on this season of Girls? If according to Hannah, “The friendship between college girls is greater and more dramatic that any romance” why did we leave this season off with our girls being “saved” by men? Why couldn’t they have found strength and comfort in one another? Can Girls get back to the brilliance and humor of the first season? Who knows? Guess we’ll find out when it returns.

One thought on “Can “Girls” go back to what it once was — a comedy?

  1. I actually liked season 2… I thought it was better and less annoying than season 1. I liked that there were some episodes that only featured very few cast members (something HBO seems to like, since “Enlightened” had episodes like that). But I totally agree – Patrick Wilson would really spend a whole weekend with Lena Dunham? He ended up being kind of an asshole, but it does seem a little unrealistic that he would be that cool with having her over all weekend.

    You make some great points Fum – why were Hannah and Marnie saved by their boyfriends in the finale? Adam running shirtless through the streets of New York was pretty cheesy… maybe it was the music? And what was up with Hannah’s very RANDOM OCD? Eew that eardrum scene! Marnie wants to sing now? So random. I would have liked some more awkward humor in the later episodes of season 2… but I did like how all of the girls were learning more about themselves this season and that made things a bit more serious. I also liked that there was more of a spotlight shown on Jessa and Shoshanna, who were second fiddle to Hannah and Marnie last season. I find those two very interesting, almost more relatable characters.

    PS. Love that Shiri Appleby from “Roswell” was on a few eps! And Carol Kane as her mom! Adam is such a weirdo. Cringe.

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