Let me start out by saying that I paused the TV more during this episode of PLL than I ever have before.  Why?  Because I was screaming and gasping and had to take so many breaks.  I must say ABC Family came correct with this finale.  Every act packed a dramatic punch with new information and surprises coming out of the wood work every second.  I’ll TRY my best to be as short winded as I can be … but there’s SO MUCH to discuss.  Let’s get to it:


So.  PLL dropped a BOMB on us tonight in the final moments.  Red Coat is quite positively most absolutely none other than Alison DiLaurentis.  **GAAASSSSPP** It makes perfect sense.  She’s the most manipulative person we know, she’s somewhat crazy, she basically did the same thing to our liars when she alive playing them all like puppets it seems, and she’s the only one that has the vast knowledge that “A” presumably has.  Now … if it’s true and “A” actually is Alison … I think that could the most awesome plot twist of life.  Think of the possibilities!  Where has she been?? Why’d she do it?? Is she really evil or is this all a crazy plan for a good reason??  On the other hand 4 different people could’ve had the same ‘out in the middle of the desert’ delusion and only thought it was Ali.  For all intents of purposes the leader of “A” could still be CiCi or Melissa or Shanna or Paige or hell Wren for all we know.  But I mean … gosh.  I’m totally game for Alison faking her own death and being pulled out her deep grave while she was still alive.  Let’s quickly discuss the motives of Red Coat.  1: she flies in on a private jet .. I’d also add that we didn’t see anyone else in the plane with her so we’re to assume that she flew it herself.  Did Alison ever take flying lessons?  2: she set the house on fire but made sure no one actually got hurt.  3: she looked at Hanna directly in her face all up in her eye .. and that was NO mask .. so she obviously wasn’t overly concerned about getting made.  this is what I think at the end of the day it seemed like Alison was genuinely scared of a lot of things in the days leading up to her “death.”  She had already created another identity for peaks sake.  She dropped a lot of hints that she was gearing our liars up for something big.  Just a couple weeks ago she flat out told Spencer that she was writing her diaries for her so that Spencer could take over once she was gone.  i think there’s something bigger here … I think someone was tormenting Alison … why? I don’t know … and she fled.  I think Alison has been working against Mona and her “A” team to keep the liars safe and that’s why she eventually “stole” them from Mona and took everything over.  I’m not sure if it was Red Coat who set the house on fire … whoever put the screw in the door and lit the match was in all black and it wasn’t Toby because he was way too confused about the lighter he found next to him.  I’m also not sure if it was Red Coat who framed Toby … there could be an entirely other team going on here that isn’t Red Coat or “A” … oh brother … but that brings me to:


Ok.  Well first anyone who knows me knows that I have never and never will never trust Melissa.  Jenna has always been up to no good … and Shana is clearly just creepy.  These three spent a lot of time speaking in code and running around together tonight.  First, we see that Jenna’s back in town .. though she obviously cares nothing about checking her mail .. and is FRANTIC because of some tapes or something.  Melissa is upset about the same thing.  And then we throw Shana in the mix.  I don’t think Shana is “A” … I think they tried to throw us off by having Jenna get a text from “A” and then immediately show her with Shana.  Their rendezvous made it seem like Jenna had switched to the other team and was Jenna’s former and/or new boo.  I can’t really pretend to know what’s going on with these three though.  They’re involved somehow but they seem way too scared about something to be the masterminds behind “A” or Red Coat.  However, they were awfully interested in the soiree that was happening for Spencer’s … so idk !!! I JUST DON’T KNOW !!!  “A” could also be tormenting their lives.  Alison definitely has bones to pick with Melissa & Jenna … and it looks like Shana is just along for the ride to help Jenna .  Even crazier is the fact that they’re the ones who came to Wilden’s rescue after Ashley ran him over in the woods … I’ve been WAITING FOR THE REST OF THAT TAPE … clearly I never understood why Hanna didn’t try to watch it all the way through the first time.  Duh, something important was on it.  I don’t think the only reason “A” put the car in Hanna’s garage was to scare her.


When Toby showed up at the diner … I screamed.  I actually paused the show, went and ate some tacos, and then came back and started again from there.  I said last week that if after all this time Toby is actually alive I’m going to be pissed if there’s not an excellent reason for the sham.  To be honest, I didn’t think his reason of “Mona made me” sufficed in the least.  But I was able to overlook it a bit because of how excellent I thought the emotional execution was from Spencer & Toby’s characters.  The entire time I was screaming “DON’T TRUST HIM SPENCER!! DON’T DO IT!!” Then he started crying and I was like … oh goodness, here we go.  But to be fair to Spencer who wouldn’t get it in with their ex if they just found how they were really alive after mourning their devastating death for 3 weeks.  Still, it took me all the way to the end of the episode to start believing Toby.  To be honest, a part of me still doesn’t fully.  My other main question tonight is who was he running after in the woods?  It was someone with short hair … and there’s only two people on the show that have short hair like that (who weren’t in the house) … MELISSA !!! and CALEB.  The shadow seemed too short to be Caleb so my money is all the way on Melissa.


Heading back from their traumatic nearly fatal arson attack the liars find Wilden’s police car parked outside the church … covered in water and mildew.  Surprisingly the water didn’t kill the blu ray player because the girls were able to watch the entire video in clear HD.  We end on the cliffhanger of WHAT’S IN THE TRUNK ?!  It’s pretty clear that it’s a person.  I’m sure they’re not all gasping at 16 boxes of Domino’s Pizza.  If we remember back, Wilden was very concerned about getting his car back so I think whatever is in the trunk he was well aware of and didn’t want anyone else to be.  I would put most of my money on CiCi.  Didn’t she “leave town” right before the car went missing?  We also know Wilden and CiCi have a very interesting past.  It could also be Jason DiLaurentis because we haven’t seen him since he “disappeared” from the hospital and he and Wilden were both ready to kill each other at that point.  Those options make the most sense to me.  Yea it could be Wilden himself, or even Toby for that matter, hell it could be anyone including Aria’s ghost of a brother … but I’ve placed my bets.  I’ll add the only other thing I think it could be is Alison’s body … that’s if everyone did have a delusion tonight including me, but I hope that’s not the case.


They broke up.  Finally.


It kicks off June 11th.  Tune back in as I will be most excited to watch and write again!



Bye bye big Fitz.  If you really want Aria to be happy tell little Fitz to come back.


0_0 !!!


‘m glad they finally showed her face in the “A” gear.  It was a nice touch.






That. Is no mask. it’s Alison!

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