Double Recap Shameless : “Where There’s a Will” and “Frank the Plumber”

Hey there Shameless fans! This week, I have a double recap for you- last week’s “Where There’s a Will” and Sunday’s episode, “Frank the Plumber”. Sorry for being MIA. It’s been a couple of crazy weeks.


“Where There’s a Will” picked up right after Fiona is granted guardianship of the kids and gets to bring them home.

Cousin Patrick throws a memorial service for Aunt Ginger on her favorite corner to turn tricks. From what we last saw, Lip couldn’t file Aunt Ginger’s will that left Fiona with the house because Patrick beat her to it. He’s inherited the house and plans to flip it. Fiona and Lip try to reason with him, but it’s a no go. Patrick wants them out and fast.

MV5BMTgxMTc3NzM1OV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwODQ4OTMxOQ@@._V1._SX640_SY426_The next step for the Gallagher clan is to try to figure out how to stop Patrick from kicking them out to the streets ranging from reasoning with him, challenging the will in court to killing him. Reasoning doesn’t work as Patrick blows off Fiona. Only if she can come up with the money to pay him monthly will he let them stay. Since she’s broke and out of a job at the moment, they need to try to find a way to fight the will in court. Carl decides to take matters into his own hands by poisoning Patrick’s sandwich with rat poison. He survives and shows up on the court date to fight the Gallaghers. He wins! So now what are they going to do? Well, Debbie comes up with her own plan and tells the cops that Patrick touched her. Blackmail works and they get to stay!

Meanwhile in Kev and V’s world, they are still trying to conceive a baby with the help of V’s mom, Carol. V starts to get jealous after noticing that Carol is more up for trying with Kev now than ever before, especially after she arrives strutting her stuff like if she were going out on a first date. Concerned that her mom is trying to make a play for Kev, she starts to doubt whether this is the right approach to have a baby.

Trouble this way comes with Karen being back in town. She’s ready to wreak havoc on Lip again. After a brief meet up outside the house, Lip is unsure of what he wants. Karen has no qualms about letting Mandy know she’s back and that she spoke to Lip. After asking Lip about it, Mandy gets kicked out of the house. Lip tells her that they never had the conversation about her being his girlfriend and doing things for him. She leaves and Lip finds “comfort” in Karen. Ugh, at this point, I can’t wait until Karen’s out of the picture again. Not a fan of her and what she’s doing to Lip. He has a great thing going with Mandy.

imagesFrank is looking for a place to live. With Hymie gone and Karen back, the house is just too full, so Sheila gives him the boot. At one of his mandated AA sessions, he meets Chris, a lonely guy in need of a “sponsor”. Frank latches on and ends up moving into his house- one with all taxidermy versions of dogs, since he works for Animal Control.

Trying to bond with Karen and care more about Hymie’s needs due to Down’s syndrome, Sheila gathers them to go join a support group. At the meeting, an alliance starts to form titled Retard Nation, in support of the R-word and taking it back from it being something that people don’t say. Sheila later finds out that Karen wrote to the Wongs to come take Hymie away and betrayal sets in.

Reality hits the Gallaghers when the kids all start their first day of school. Fiona gets a gig again with her sewage cleanup job and decides to bring Jimmy along for the extra money. Disgusted with the tasks at hand, Jimmy quits. Those were some gross scenes with the cockroaches. He just can’t cut it. It must be the privileged rich boy in him.

MV5BMTY5ODAwMjI1N15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNDQ4OTMxOQ@@._V1._SX640_SY426_In the Jimmy pity fest section of this episode, we learn that after quitting the sewage job, he finds one at a coffee shop. After running into an old friend from medical school, he decides to join him and other old friends for a drink. Still feeling like a failure, he puts on the façade and gets to enjoy some sense of normalcy from his rich days.



“Frank the Plumber”

This week’s episode focused on Frank’s impending domestic partnership to Chris, a Karen-Lip-Mandy love triangle, Ian’s heartbreak, a new job for Fiona, and a new dream for Jimmy.

Episode 309In an attempt to use Chris’s benefits, including his insurance to see a doctor about his gout, Frank schemes to file for a domestic partnership. Being denied, he starts up a ruckus on the street, yelling at a mayoral candidate about gay rights. After becoming a YouTube sensation, Frank is approached to become a mayoral candidate himself. His team would clean him up and give him everything he needs to win. Bradley Whitford guest starred and my, how gray he’s gotten since his West Wing days.

ftp3Fiona finds herself a new job temping at Worldwide Coffee. After a rocky start of circumcision pictures and cussing, but handling a customer call well, she makes a great impression on the young boss (GRΣΣK’s Jake McDorman). Jimmy finds his calling and decides he’s going to go back to finish medical school. It’s the best way he knows to make enough money for Fiona and the family.ftp2






Lip finds himself hooking up with Karen again, knowing but not thinking about it that Karen is bad for him. Mandy informs Lip that he has an interview with an MIT alum in the afternoon. He’s surprised because he did not apply to any colleges. He finds out she did for him and to many Ivy leagues. Not interested, he decides to try to blow it off, but ends up meeting with the guy and proving to him that he can write a college essay and that he’s a genius. He out rightly tells him that he’s not interested in sitting in a classroom, but wants to just start working in a lab. After his meeting, he makes up with Mandy thanking her profusely and breaks things off with Karen.

Not one to give up, Karen calls Mandy and tells her about their recent trysts. Mandy takes things into her own hands. She sends Karen a text from Lip’s phone to meet up in the park. As Karen crosses the street, Mandy runs her over with her car leaving Karen broken on the street.  I can’t wait to see how this will play out next week when Lip finds out what Mandy did. Will Karen survive?

Not going to lie, I’m kind of glad that Karen might be out of the picture soon, but I am super sad for Sheila. Mere moments before she left to meet up with Lip, Karen and Sheila had a poignant mother/daughter moment, where Sheila asked for her forgiveness for not always being there.

Sheila is the anti-Frank in many ways than one, but this is definitely a different dynamic. She’s had her OCD illness and has tried her best to overcome it and be there for Karen the best way she knew how. Frank has his own illness, among them alcoholism, and isn’t there for his kids and never makes a real concerted effort to get better nor has he ever asked his kids for genuine forgiveness.

In other sad news, Ian finds out that Mickey knocked up some girl and is getting married. Upset that he won’t stand up for himself or for him, Ian confronts Mickey about his feelings, to which Mickey beats him up.

The best scenes of this episode were between Sheila and Debbie. It was really cute seeing Debbie take care of Sheila albeit reminiscent of Monica’s “Code Pink”. But once, she felt better, Sheila took care of Debbie. I really think we need more scenes with Debbie and Sheila!

So Shameless fans, what do you think is going to happen? Will Fiona ever find out about Jimmy cheating on her with Estefania? How is she going to feel about medical school? Will Karen live? What’s going to happen between Lip and Mandy? Will Mickey change his mind and be with Ian?

3 thoughts on “Double Recap Shameless : “Where There’s a Will” and “Frank the Plumber”

  1. I think Bradley Whitford has probably been grey or greying for a long time…..but in this instance, his hair was dyed the beautiful silver grey. Although I think he looks great ( I.E Richard Gere like), I doubt if he will leave it his way.

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