SCANDAL // Snake In The Garden


Scandal was on fire tonight.  Let’s just get right into it.


Tonight’s case for Pope & Associates hits close to home as Hollis Doyle’s hot mess of a daughter gets kidnapped.  No one in the office feels compelled to help the Devil but because “..even the Devil loves his kids..” they all oblige.  A better reason is the fact that they all have bills to pay so it’s not like anyone can be passing up cases or coins.  From the very beginning both Hollis and I don’t believe his crazy daughter was really kidnapped, mainly because she had not one tear coming from her eyes in that video.  I’ve seen too many episodes of 24 to know that when someone is REALLY kidnapped they’re traumatized, so my eyes were already rolling from the beginning.  Still, Olivia was right to take it seriously so we ran with it.  I was shaky all the way up until a human ear was delivered with lunch … the best part being how Hollis was the only one not really taken back by it and kept eating his Chick-fil-A chicken biscuit (let’s be real, those are very serious).  Even then he still doesn’t believe it’s her ear and demands for a proof, but when her earless video comes through he’s all ready to shovel out all of his money.  Fast Forward a bit … Olivia and team set up a drop time & location to get Daughter Doyle, send over the 20 million dollars, and May Belle is back and safe with her family.  But Wait … because Huck is he realizes that the she cut off her own ear “..May Belle kidnapped herself..” !!!! #dumbhoe So of course they track her down and snatch her up.  Hollis gives her an ultimatum … money or family? … but not before Olivia plays her entire life “..poor little rich girl … no one feels sorry for you!”  Sadly, but not surprisingly, she picks the money and Hollis tells her to “GIT!”  For a moment I thought he was talking to me and I stood up and started walking away.  It was very interesting to see the other side of Hollis Doyle this episode, maybe he’s not such a devil after all?


Cyrus is pissed.  He doesn’t like anyone rolling up on Fitz so he’s out to take Jake down from the very beginning.  He better hurry up because the President basically tells Jake that if he keeps up the good work he’ll be getting an official job real soon.  Back at home Jake is enjoying his nightly routine … watching I Love Lucy reruns, eating Ben’s Chili Bowl takeout, and eerily spying on Olivia Pope.  He’s watching when Osbourne ambushes Olivia at her apartment.  Unfortunately the cameras go out and he misses the best part … even though Olivia was terrified she did a verbal slam dunk on Osbourne and threw him out of her apartment.  The power outage doesn’t stop Jake though.  Soon he’s breaking back into Pope’s flat making copies of flash drives and resetting cameras … what we didn’t see was him taking a pair of her panties but clearly we all know he did.  He gives the information he finds on the flash drive to the President to support the claim that Osbourne is the leak and Fitz runs with it … hell so would I.  Right around this time I’m totally invested in Jake and would probably drop off a mysterious package if he asked me to.  If that wasn’t enough, he shows up at Olivia’s apartment even after she canceled their date.  When he gets there she’s not trying to go anywhere with him and rambles on about be addicted to her past relationship.  What does he do?  He makes her close her eyes, grabs her, kisses her, and then bounces … all they needed to do was play “Stay Fly” by Three 6 Mafia right then and there on the walk out.  The mission with Osbourne is under way and even though he denies any truth of the matter Cyrus let’s him know he’s getting fired.  Three hours and 27 minutes later he’s found in a car with a gun shot wound in his head.  Not a one of us thought he committed suicide … NOT ONE!  But what I definitely didn’t see coming is that JAKE is the one who shot him and made it look like a suicide.  We have no idea … at least I don’t remember … who this black man is that Jake it talking to at the end of the episode but it’s obvious who he’s really getting his orders from.  This is just a lot going on!  I was really hoping that Jake was going to turn out being a 100% good guy but things aren’t looking that way anymore.  Olivia better watch her back.


I’m liking their cute connection.  I don’t think it’s romantic … yet, and I like that.  Both of them are in need of a good friend and it seems like they’re filling that void for one another.  I liked the fact that Huck is teaching Quinn all the tricks of the trade and Quinn is trying to help him find his perfect family.  I’m interested to see if they’re going to keep this platonic but I honestly think they should.  Huck is in no mental state to be taking anyone out on a date.


I think it goes to First Lady Mellie.  When Fitz finds out that she canceled the trip with the first kids … will we EVER meet them ?!?!? He goes ballistic “…WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! THESE ARE OUR CHILDREN!”  But Mellie comes back for the jugular “..they didn’t want to come; you’re not their father anymore..”  She points out things that we haven’t really seen and I’m glad she did.  Even through all her foolishness Mellie’s always been one of my favorite characters because at the end of the day she’s the wife and she’s the one who was cheated on and betrayed.  Through all of that she still stood by her man for the common good and did what she needed to do.  Now Fitz acts like an ass all the time like he’s perfect and … remember that he KILLED VERNA!  My favorite line? “..secrets of the universe tucked between her magical thighs..” #POW


Tonight’s gladiator song was “Flash Light” by Parliament.  This song always makes me think of one of my favorite movies, Set It Off.  It’s the song played during the opening of the movie when they’re all at the 70’s party, so my mind automatically went there lol.



do you hear what i hear?



sh*t only crazy people do!





Welp … there he goes.


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