Christopher Abbott Quits “GIRLS”

HBO With The Cinema Society Host The New York Premiere Of HBO's "Girls"

Whoa!  Just saw on Gawker that Christopher Abbott, the actor who plays Charlie on HBO’s “Girls,” has just quit the show as it gets its third season going in production.  The story originally comes from a Page Six article.

Apparently, he doesn’t like the direction the show/his character is going in, and isn’t agreeing with creator/star Lena Dunham’s vision.  I assume he’s under a contract with HBO for Season 3, so I wonder if that’s going to be messy to get out of?

I’m sure/I hope we’ll be hearing from Lena’s side soon… this is quite a juicy surprise!  Maybe he liked the tension between Charlie and Marnie that occurred for much of Season 2, and therefore isn’t a fan of their happier life together, which we saw begin again in the somewhat sappy Season 2 finale?


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