American Idol’s Top 5


This week’s latest “American Idol” episode revealed the top 5… and it’s a woman’s world this year!  Bye Lazaro!

He was good and charming in the beginning, and a great story.  But as the weeks went on, he got worse, lacked presence and energy, and the constant forgetting of lyrics (and admitting he didn’t know classic songs) became pretty annoying.  This week, Nicki wouldn’t even give him critiques, that’s how disappointed she was with him.

So first it was Curtis, who was too cheesy to actually last in this competition, followed by Paul Jolley, then Devin, who was good but ultimately lacked a spark.  Then it was Burnell’s turn to go, and thank God because he spoke like he had a disability.  And lastly, it was adios to sweaty Lazaro.

So that means Candice, Kree, Angie, Janelle, and Amber are this year’s all-female Top 5!  I think we all knew it would work out this way.  The top 2 this week were Candice and Kree, who will most likely fight for the top spot in the finale.  The middle 2 were Angie and Janelle, and in the bottom 2 with Lazaro was Amber, who has been in the bottom a couple times now…  She’s Nicki’s favorite, but is she maybe a little dead behind the eyes to keep going through?

FOX's "American Idol" - Season Twelve

In addition to the regular Thursday night vote-off drama, Kelly Clarkson came back to “Idol” to perform her new single “People Like Us” (which I LOVE!).  Although she didn’t look as great as she could have, she gave a really fun performance, using black lights and glow in the dark make-up and clothes.  Kelly always likes to keep things fresh!  Mariah came up on stage afterwards to hug her, and it was a genuinely cute moment – two divas admiring one another, basically ignoring Ryan Seacrest.

Another cool thing about the episode was the use of a “backstage cam” which I thought was a GREAT idea.  It was only used during the last commercial break, but let viewers at home get an insider’s view of what was happening when the cameras weren’t rolling.  It was 1/4 of the screen, while the ads took up the other 3/4, reminding me of how things sometimes look when the show you’re watching online momentarily pauses for a mandatory commercial.  My only problem with it was that it was using too many wide shots of the studio, and when you’re watching something like that at 1/4 of its actual size, you can’t really get much of the backstage activity.  Occasionally they would cut to the girls getting make-up touch-ups, etc. so that was fun.  You could tell this was a brand new idea being tested out, so I’m sure, and hope, that the idea is tweaked and expanded for future Thursday night shows.

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