The Mindy Project “Triathlon”


This week’s return of The Mindy Project in anticipation of May sweeps and the season finale did not disappoint. I will say there were some pitfalls in this episode, but the grand opus was the main storyline – the doctors competing in a triathlon against the holistic doctors, with Morgan pitted in the middle. Morgan has fast become a fan favorite, and to have a story arc featuring him was fun to watch. Mindy’s B storyline was entertaining, but still a little random and off. Nevertheless, we’re treated to a fun episode to get back into the season as it closes.

We’re first treated to picking up exactly where we left off a few weeks ago – with Christina, Danny’s ex-wife waiting for him in his office. We find that she received the letter Danny had kept hidden in his desk for the past 5 years. Danny is upset that the letter was sent, even though he is intrigued by Christina’s renewed interest. In his brief tantrum, he immediately pinpoints Mindy as the culprit for sending the letter, when Morgan steps up and admits that he mailed the letter (which we all know happened many episodes ago). Again, in his brief tantrum, Danny fires Morgan from the practice.

We fast forward a few weeks to find Mindy and the doctors training for a triathlon they signed up for. Mindy is training with Pastor Casey, who is still in the picture, and he puts her on the spot about considering converting to Christianity for him. I applaud the show for trying to explore this concept with Mindy – Mindy is a very different kind of comedic heroine, and especially in a rom-com set in NYC, there’s bound to be either a traditional Jewish or Christian potential mate that would pull the “would you convert for me” card. But this storyline just didn’t appeal to me. Maybe because I don’t think Pastor Casey is a fitting or fun match to watch. He was intriguing during the first encounter (where he kind of showed off that he had balls), but something about him reads a little cheesy and two dimensional, and WAY too soft. This plays itself out a little bit, with Mindy exploring what it would really mean to convert by having Betsy hold a bible study in Mindy’s apartment. This is probably the most amusing part of this storyline – to see the group of people Betsy collected in her prayer group is visually a fun joke and makes Betsy all the more interesting. Mindy storming in on Pastor Casey’s First Communion class was also actually a pretty good treat – it was a nice twist to see Mindy try to break the news to him and describe in a very pop culturey way what Hinduism is to impressionable kids. My biggest disappointment here is that they still are together, even after Mindy trying to break up with him.

But let’s get back to the real story – in light of Morgan’s firing from the practice, he is taken in by the holistic doctors and, in turn, joins their triathlon team. Again, the fun part about this is not only Morgan’s conflict of loyalty (and he loves both sides equally, obviously) but the continued antagonism of the doctors never fails to amuse. The holistic doctors continue to try to play it cool and insist they’re not trying to play winners versus losers, but of course since they happen to win every year, Mindy, Jeremy, and Danny are intent on winning this time out. Danny starts the triathlon in great comedic form, with Brendan keeping his cool as Danny taunts in his speedo. Danny slaps him around before going in for the swim, and as he runs out to tap in Jeremy post-swim, he and Brendan begin a fun and ridiculous brawl. Danny winds up getting some horrid cramp in his leg, and Brendan tries to help by stretching him out in rather suggestive positions – which is a much funnier visual when Mindy catches them together, the two men who are cutting the tension with Mindy with a thousand knives. Mindy winds up puking from actually running to the triathlon, so Danny takes her shoes (a fun joke where he admits they’re the same shoe size) and stumbles to the finish line. Cue in Morgan reinstating his loyalty to Danny by carrying him to the finish line. This then cues in a surprise tantrum from Brendan.

All in all, this was a fun episode that also continues the cliffhanging suspicions about Danny and Christina, since he calls her up as she’s about to leave town. As an odd and end note, the scene between Christina and Mindy was a little odd – I find it hard to believe construction workers would accuse an Indian woman of assaulting a white woman in this day and age. Not a smart play on the race card, there. Nevertheless, the episode was a neat, fun 30 minutes of learning more about the men surrounding Mindy. Hopefully next week we can get some better Mindy time!

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