“IDOL” has its Top 2!


Candice and Kree are going head to head next week in the “American Idol” Season 12 finale.  Some thought this week’s elimination of Angie was a shock, while others had a feeling it was coming.  I fell somewhere in the middle.  I personally thought Angie was better than Kree in singing, performance, charisma, and personality, but Kree has had diehard country fans voting for her each week.  Those country kids do not let go.


“Idol” producers were smart in having Ryan Seacrest announce the first person going through to the finale: Candice.  Candice will win this season… if she doesn’t, I will be truly shocked.  She’s got it all – the voice, the power, the celebrity love (hello Drake!), and the poor background/upbringing.  In fact, all three girls had something affect them this week: their hometowns and their childhoods.  We saw in packages that were taped recently that Angie went back to her blue-collar part of Boston to sing for the masses and wave to everyone during a homecoming parade; Candice went back to St. Helena Island to hug and sing for the biggest group of people I’ve ever seen in what looked like a church; and Kree went back to Texas, where we saw her walking through her dilapidated childhood home and talking more about the death of her parents.  Perhaps it was this extremely sad video (some say the saddest of any Idol contestant) that really pushed Kree ahead of Angie.


The saddest moment of the night was when Angie had to sing her song at the end of the show.  Why do they make these poor contestants do that?  Especially when you’re this close to winning!  It’s so hard to watch!  She soldiered on amidst the tears and vocal cracks.  And I always get misty-eyed when Ryan sends the family up there to stand with their child.  Last week when Amber was singing and her dad came on stage, I thought she was going to pass out with emotion.  Loved the group hug, especially when the judges joined, and Nicki Minaj’s huge hair almost suffocated Angie’s mom.


Speaking of the judges, lots of backstage gossip on these four, huh?  Just a few hours before the results show aired this week, Randy publicly announced that he will be leaving “Idol” once this season ends in a week.  Makes sense though… I remember hearing that he really only wanted to be a mentor this year but was pulled into being a judge again.  And honestly, he’s only there to just be a familiar face… are his critiques really that great?  During the show, Ryan awkwardly tapped Randy on the shoulder when he was standing at the judge’s panel and said something like, “Dude, a little head’s up?”  Yikes.  Randy out.

Plus there are the rumors that the rest are out once this season ends.  Probably because the ratings aren’t what they used to be.  Nicki is too weird, Mariah is too nice (and loves run-on sentences), and Keith is perhaps not exciting enough?  I’ve said it before, but Keith is the strongest judge, and actually gives good, worthwhile, knowledgeable feedback.  But next season could and most likely bring us all new judges… not sure how I feel about that, but as long as there is Ryan (which I think there always will be), I guess it doesn’t matter.


Oh, and how could I forget the premiere of Mariah’s new music video for her song “Beautiful” “#Beautiful” with Miguel?  Ryan introduced it during the results show, and you could tell Mariah was either really confident or really nervous about it.  She couldn’t sit still, and had a big smile on her face, so I can’t tell which one it was.  The song is AWESOME.  I listen to it on repeat and wish it was longer.  But the video sucked.  It was hilariously bad, and you could tell they shot it in a couple hours and didn’t feel like coming up with anything original.  It all looks airbrushed, which is funny because Mariah told the contestants that this video shows the “antithesis” of what she’s like on “Idol.”  I now understand why the album art for the single looks like that…  Mariah will never let go of that wind machine, nor will she ever be able to stop doing those slo-mo poses.

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