You need to watch “Orphan Black”


I’m sure at least some of you have seen those interesting posters around town, or ads in magazines.  But are you guys watching one of the most fascinating new shows on TV?!  I’m addicted to “Orphan Black” and I want to spread the word about how GREAT this show is!

BBC America’s “Orphan Black” is currently in the middle of its first season, which is comprised of 10 episodes (Episode 6 just aired last Saturday, May 4th, and Episode 7 airs tonight, May 11th).  Each episode really packs A LOT in… so much so that you’ll need to pause often and take notes to keep track of each new plot twist!  When I gave the first episode a try, I worried that it would be the kind of BBC show that seems too distant/foreign to relate to, but that isn’t the case at all.


Our protagonist is Sarah, a troubled yet charming young woman who’s had a tough life full of crappy circumstances.  She’s an orphan, so she’s tough and knows how to survive.  In the very beginning of the first episode, Sarah spots a woman on the train platform who’s acting kinda strange… She’s walking from side to side, anxiously awaiting for any train to get there.  Just then, as she gets closer to this stranger, she realizes that this woman looks EXACTLY like her.  And even more surprising is that this woman doesn’t seem phased by this at all.  The woman then walks right off the track and is hit by the arriving train.  Whoa.

In total shock, Sarah grabs the woman’s purse that she left on the ground and runs off.  She meets her best friend/orphan brother Felix at a bar and tells him everything, including the fact that this woman was basically her twin.  The name on the ID says Elizabeth Childs.  And so begins a rollercoaster of a mystery!


One of the many reasons that makes this show so fun is that Sarah takes over Elizabeth’s identity… moving into her home, using her bank account, sexing it up with her boyfriend Paul.  She wants to disappear from her old life, and with the help of Felix, she’s able to get her douchey ex-boyfriend Vic to think that SHE (Sarah) committed suicide, and therefore leave her alone, at least for a little while.  However, things aren’t that easy of course, and Sarah has to navigate a whole new world as she plays Beth the cop.  Beth’s partner Art knows something’s up.

Felix is an awesome sidekick.  He’s a hilarious, sassy gay guy who seems to have a different naked man in his bed each episode (it’s not totally clear if he’s a prostitute).  But it doesn’t end there – he’s a chameleon like Sarah and can save the day in all sorts of ways.  Whether they want him around or not, the clones need him as an ally.


Speaking of the clones, it doesn’t take long for Sarah to realize that there are other women out there that look exactly like her.  And that someone wants them all dead.  When Sarah follows orders on her phone from an unknown female voice about the dead body in the backseat of her car, it just gets more complex… And later, when the police Sarah/Beth work with start uncovering that dead body, Sarah’s stress (and ours) grows and grows.

When the clones, all played by the awesomely talented Tatiana Maslany, are in the same room talking to one another, you can’t help but giggle, like when you saw a pre-alcoholic Lindsay Lohan talk to herself in “The Parent Trap” in the 90s.  Maslany not only has a distinct look/style as each clone, but also separate voices, accents, and personalities.  One of my favorite twists recently, without giving much away, was when Sarah’s adorable and clever daughter Kira gets a visit from someone who looks exactly like her mother, but Kira knows something’s up.  It’s fun to watch the clones pretend to be one another.


Things really started getting crazy around Episodes 3 & 4, when Sarah’s clone life and cop life start to merge.  Not only is there a killer out there eliminating the clones, but that killer is able to walk around the police station easily and find out more about Sarah and the police investigation, not to mention mimic Sarah/Beth’s voice!  And said killer is obsessed with religion.  So trippy!


Lastly, there’s Paul, Beth’s on-again off-again boyfriend, who is not only there for the eye candy but, as we find out in Episodes 5 & 6, takes on a role that’s more than just romantic.  Sarah and the clones discover that they are being watched, but finding out who exactly is watching them, or “monitoring” them, is harder for some of the clones than they predicted.  Could Paul be able to help Sarah and her gal pals, or is he going to turn them over to whoever is killing off their little science experiment?  Who created them?  And why can Sarah have children but the others can’t??? SO MANY QUESTIONS I LOVE IT!

So happy this show has been picked up for a second season.  Can’t even begin to wonder how the season 1 finale will end.  Guys, get on this.  Perfect for binge-watching.

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