Fall TV schedule – It’s Upfront week!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.
Pilots were picked up but most of them cancelled and now we will see…
What the 2013 fall season will bring.
Oh, It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

It goes without saying that I’m a giddy little school girl right about this time. It’s upfront week bitchesss! The networks have pretty much released their upcoming fall schedules, but this week it’s all about presentations. This time last year, I thought 666 Park Ave was going to be a hit (Well, that was until I saw ABC’s preview of the show). I knew Animal Practice was going to be embarrassing for NBC and I would have bet a week’s paycheck that The Neighbors would have been one of the first shows cancelled. I think we’re all still in shock over that, ABC had to confirm twice that they did indeed renew the show.

Stay tuned all this week as I’ll be updating what show I think will last and what I think will be one of the first cancelled as the networks present their new shows at this years upfronts.

Sunday: NBC

Monday: FOX

Tuesday: ABC

Wednesday: CBS

Thursday: The CW

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