The Mindy Project “Frat Party”


One more episode closer to the season finale, and we have some fun developments for Mindy. While we once again have two strong arcs for Mindy and for the men of the practice, we focus a little more this week on Mindy, and the sort-of on again, off again nature of her relationship with Casey.

After a botched romantic shower together, Mindy rolls into work with a med student she will be mentoring. Mindy seems to enjoy her attachments to younger people (she gets great moments with her younger brother, then there was that random high school neighbor she accompanied to school for a random sex ed day) so no surprise here they get attached pretty quickly. While Mindy shows around her mentee, the replacement nurse for Morgan continues to grate at everyone, and even Betsy commissions Jeremy and Danny to win back Morgan.

At concurrent lunches, we see Jeremy and Danny fail to win back Morgan the conventional way – with offering more money. The holistic doctors have him locked tight because of their brotherhood, and their inclusion of Morgan in that brotherhood. Meanwhile, Mindy invites her mentee to lunch with Pastor Casey, who reveals he’s doing a year of volunteer work in Haiti. Mindy promptly breaks up with him and laments in her apartment, with her mentee feeding candy straws into her mouth. The solution to get over this? Go out and party! Mindy’s mentee drags her to a frat party where, lo and behold, she finds a drunk and downtrodden Tom (guest star Bill Hader!) But before we get more on that…

Jeremy and Danny visit Morgan privately – a fun visual treat to see the weird place Morgan lives where there’s an unnecessary abundance of wind chimes – and bribe Morgan with a puppy and a chance to hang out socially. Jeremy and Danny drag Morgan out to the party Mindy is at (as she has been tweeting about it) and they make their way over.

Mindy takes Tom aside to catch up and comfort him, when all of a sudden she finds her mentee pole dancing. Mindy’s bizarre (but adorable) conservative mom instinct jumps in, and she tries to pull off the stripper pole from its platform. In doing so, of course, she winds up putting on an awkward sort of show that Jeremy, Danny, and Morgan walk into. After Mindy achieves her goal, she’s about to call it a night and come to Tom’s aid (though she rejects his offer to go home with him) when in walks Pastor Casey, drunk and upset. The Mindy Project sure enjoys its brawls, and boy do we get one! A bunch of successful adults drunkenly fighting in a college party is a ridiculous visual, especially with how petty they get. In defense of Mindy, Morgan, Jeremy, and Danny wind up in the mix, with Danny specifically defending Morgan as his “brother.” In the end, Mindy drags home Pastor Casey with her mentee, who apologizes for being upset about Mindy pulling her off the stripper pole.

We end the episode with probably the one disappointment I do have – every time Mindy tries to end it with this guy, he keeps coming back. And how does he win her back? By making jokes about what their married life would be like. We get a fun sort of Hangover nod off with Morgan taking photos of their makeout session in the elevator and having those photos re-hashed at us.

With one more episode left, I wonder how much the Pastor Casey relationship will hold. I’m glad the writers are putting Mindy-Danny on hold for the Pastor Casey thing to shake down. But at least we have Morgan back at the practice~

A few of my fave moments of the episode:

-Jeremy, while Tom and Pastor Casey are fighting, “Now you’re just saying your jobs!”

-the whole shower scene with Pastor Casey and Mindy – “OW! I got your mouth bacteria in my eye!” Tons of great flubs in this scene

-Danny to the new nurse, “Okay, I’ve asked you repeatedly not to call me girl”

-Danny, when Brendan calls Jeremy and Danny Al Capone and his “little Italian friend” : “Wait a minute, I’m not Al Capone in this scenario?”

-When Morgan pulls out the new puppy after the brawl, “I shouldn’t have brought him but I don’t know where I end and he begins.”

One thought on “The Mindy Project “Frat Party”

  1. I loved this episode! It was so funny. The Mindy Project has consistently gotten better and better each week. Looking forward to what’s in store for the season finale.

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