CBS New Fall Shows – Check Out the Trailers!


CBS was the last of the “big 4” networks to release their new fall programming. As they have no problem stating, they are the number #1 network across all key demos. They had strong programming leading into the upfronts and few slots to fill. Check out the 5 new shows CBS will roll out this fall. 

We Are Men (Airing: Monday at 8:30)

My thoughts: CBS has been trying to find a “man show” for a while now. Unfortunately, they haven’t found one that has been successful. I don’t see this one working either.

Mom (Airing: Monday at 9:30)

My thoughts: When I first watched this, I thought… no. But I’m inclined to give it a chance. I reserve judgement until the first two episodes.

Hostages (Airing: Monday at 10)

My thoughts: YES, YES, YES!! This has ALL of the elements for a successful primetime drama, politics, murder, sex, betrayal, cheating, lying, and Dylan McDermott.

Intelligence (Airing: Spring, Monday at 10)

My thoughts: No, no, no. It pains me to say this because I LOVE Josh Holloway, Lost ya’ll!!! But this just isn’t going to work.

The Millers (Airing: Thursday at 8:30)

My thoughts: I’m glad Will Arnett was able to bounce back from the shocking cancellation of Up All Night. LOL. Sorry, I couldn’t even get through that without laughing. I want this show to work because I like Margo Martindale so much, but I was forcing  myself to laugh.

The Crazy Ones (Airing: Thursday at 9)

My thoughts: This may be one of the most highly anticipated new shows of the fall season. Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar star as a father/daughter duo who own their own ad firm. It’s Robin Williams people and Buffy, doing comedy. This is a winner!

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