New Girl – “Where Did You Come From, Where Did You Go”

Newbies, has this been a stellar season of New Girl or what? The episodes were just plain funny. For me, the funniest episode this whole season was “Quick Hardening Chaulk.” There is always a dilemma among viewers when you have two main characters transition from friends to dating. Elizabeth Meriwether and co, handled that transition flawlessly. We’ve known from the beginning that Nick and Jess were going to be the show’s “will they/won’t they” couple and from their first kiss, to the first time they had sex, up until the season finale I’ve enjoyed the progression of their relationship. So let’s get into this season finale!


I’m just going to say the first thing we all want to know (SPOILER ALERT: Nick and Jess are officially going to give their relationship a try!)  Isn’t it about damn time?! This episode was all about Cece’s wedding. Was she really going to go through with marrying Shivrang? I knew she wasn’t but, by the 11th hour I thought, damn, they’re really going to have her go through with it. But fear not! Cece came to her senses. She admitted she was in love with someone else *Schmidt* and Shivrang had his own lost love… Taylor Swift, and they ran off to get married in a Presbyterian Church.


Of course Cece admits her feelings when Schmidt is moving on with someone else. He’s back with Elizabeth, his college girlfriend. I like Elizabeth, I wouldn’t mind seeing her in season 3. At least to make Cece work for Schmidt. That’s the least she could do, if Olivia Pope can demand for her lover to “earn her,” so can Schmidt, right?


It may have been Cece’s big day, but all we really cared about was Nick and Jess. Were they finally going decide what they were? Throughout the whole wedding Schmidt and Winston were trying to sabotage Cece’s wedding, but Nick refused to participate because of his feelings for Jess. That is until she accused him of being in on it. Then Nick was all in. Mostly out of fear that he was everything Jess’s father accused him of being… an alcoholic loser who wasn’t good enough for Jess. I’ll be the first to admit, Nick gets on my nerves, but mostly because he’s over 30, like get a least part of your shit together dude, ya know?

After a talk where they both agree that they’re not going to “call it” and not move forward with whatever it is they’re doing. Nick goes to the bar and Jess leaves the wedding. BUT WAIT! Cue Winston, the smart best friend who sees things deeper than they appear. He tells Nick, to basically go and get his girl! And… He does! Yay! Nick and Jess admit that they want to work on whatever it is they’re doing. They have their romantic rom com moment and literally ride off together. It’s cute and perfect for Nick and Jess.


  • How funny was that picture of Cece and Shivrang? The one where she was a foot taller than him?
  • I’m going to have the “Cotton Eye Joe” song stuck in my head the rest of the week. Damn it, Nick. That song is catchy as hell!
  • Winston is quickly becoming my next favorite character after Schmidt.
  • I got time for a Jake Johnson scream. It’s hilarious. A grown man screaming like a 5-year-old girl never fails.

Newbie quotes:
“Bros ever before the ho?”
Winston: “Hey, bartneder, can you call an ambulance, I’m about to bleed out. Thanks man!” Thumbs up.
Jess: “Look, I know you think we should call it, but I don’t want to give up on this, even if we don’t know what this is. I want to un-call it. Please can we un-call it. And before you say no. Don’t say no.”

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