Someone’s Dreams Are Coming True…

Disney’s not the only place that dreams come true. I know they tell you it is, but trust us, it isn’t. TV is another place where dreams can come true! All of us here at Commercial Break a dream of someday making it big in the entertainment world–whether it’s as a producer, screenwriter, actor, entertainment journalist. This blog, in part, is the start of all of our dreams coming true–a tiny step in a ginormous process.

Tonight, one of the blog’s co-founders, Mark Parker, has his dreams come true in a big way. He will appear in a skit on Saturday Night Live this evening. So, set your DVRs or, if you’re like me and home on a Saturday night because you’ve lost your social calendar and are stressing out too much trying to remember what party was when, watch it live. We are so very proud of you, Mark! Best of luck!!!!

Your Commercial Break team

(If you follow Mark’s reviews, wish him luck in the comments section!)

2 thoughts on “Someone’s Dreams Are Coming True…

  1. aw thank you Tom! if any of you missed the episode, here’s the clip:

    we shot more footage (like me next to Bobby Moynahan and interacting with a singing dog, lots of dancing, etc.) but it was sadly left out, so my appearance is brief!

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