Looking Back: 2012-2013 TV Season

I purposely waited until the series finale of Smash had aired to write my reflections on the 2012-2013 TV season.  Of course this means that I am doing this before I head out to the requisite Memorial Day barbecue but the TV season didn’t seem complete to me until the TV show people loved to hate and hated to love came to an end.  Now on with the post!

When I sat down to think about the 2012-2013 TV season, I literally had to go to my DVR to see which shows I had a season pass to because honestly, the shows I actually felt I just had to watch were far and few this year.  And everytime it seemed like there was a great show, it inevitably got canceled.

As you may know I am the resident Downtown Abbey fan here at Save it for the Commercial Break – but my TV watching habits are much more diverse, although they never, ever, include reality TV.  So here’s what I loved, hated, became obsessed with and what I’m looking forward to outside of the return of the residents of Highclere Castle.


House of Cards on Netflix: Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright, political intrigue, and all 13 episodes available in one sitting made for a fantastic television experience.  I can’t wait for the next season.

The Mindy Project:  I’m so glad Mindy Kaling’s sitcom got renewed for another season. After a slow start, the show really came into its own due for the most part to the show’s creator and lead actress.  Kaling’s turn as hapless single-girl doctor navigating the world makes me want to watch each week. Every episode makes me laugh out loud, and trust me, that’s rare for me.  A winner.

The Good Wife:  It started off all over the place (Kalinda’s husband?) but ended with a terrific twist.  I’m looking forward to Florrick, Agos, and Associates.

Grimm:  I never thought I would enjoy a show about supernatural beings hunted down by a cop who has an ability to see them but this show never fails to entertain.  Filled with folklore, wit, and a healthy dose of gross, I’m on pins and needles waiting to find out what will happen to Nick Burkhardt following his encounter with the snot monster (I have no idea what the thing is called but seriously, gross.)

Nashville:  I love Connie Britton and felt a void after Friday Night Lights ended.  So I embraced Nashville to fill that void, and it paid off.  Sure, it’s pure soap opera, campy at times, melodramatic to the core, but the music’s great and the storylines are crazy which makes for good TV watching.

Smash: Ok, so maybe some of the characters were polarizing or annoying (ahem, Jimmy) and half the time the storylines didn’t make sense (one minute Kyle is a terrible writer and the next minute he’s a genius? Huh?), but this show was still entertaining and the production value was phenomenal. It charted the journey of a musical from start to finish quite accurately albeit overdramatically, but for me it was fun to watch and see people I had worked with back when I was working in musical theatre. (No, I was not onstage!)  The best thing about the show were the moments when it truly captured the “magic” of musical theatre. I got chills when Megan Hilty and Katharine McPhee sang “Let Me Be Your Star” in the first episode and I was wowed when the cast of Hit List performed “Broadway Here I Come” a capella at the fictional Tonys in the final episode.  It’s too bad the show tried to capture audiences that just weren’t interested – it would have worked if they had kept more of the magic and less of the crazy.


Bones: I am a faithful devotee of the show but it was frustrating when Booth decided to not tell Bones he was being manipulated by Pelant and therefore tells her he can’t marry her.  I know he’s protecting her and all but come on.  How many times do they have to go through this?  It’s getting tiresome.

The finales of 30 Rock and The Office:  I was underwhelmed. Period.

How I Met Your Mother:  I have loved this show, and have seen every episode, but am I the only one who is just getting tired of it?  I’m glad we finally met the mother but I’m not sure if a season that takes place over one weekend is going to be satisfying enough.  It could get annoying. Unless Jack Bauer shows up.

Mad Men:  The slow burn of the show gets on my nerves. And yet I still watch it.  Also, Don Draper is an ass.

The cancellation of Happy Endings: A super funny show that no one watched. Let’s hope USA picks it up.

What I Became Obsessed With:

Arrow: I became obsessed with this show late in the season, seeking out all the episodes and watching them in a period of a few days, due in part to a story in Entertainment Weekly and the pure eye candy of its lead, played by Stephen Amell (I am a red-blooded American woman so this should not be a surprise to anyone).  But seriously, the show has heart, action, an intriguing storyline and is not shy about killing off likeable characters (so long, Tommy!).  I may not be its target demographic but who cares?  It’s fun.

What I’m Looking Forward to:

TV networks are getting savvy about programming throughout the year so this summer has plenty of shows to look forward to watching, including:

True Blood: Crazy sexy vampires!

The Newsroom:  Idealistic journalism.

Rookie Blue:  Canadian cop drama.

Anything on USA:  Suits, Covert Affairs, Graceland – I’m in.

Here’s to a great summer and an even greater 2013-2014 TV season.  Happy TV watching!

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