A Precursor to The Emmys?

So, the Television Critics Association (TCA) has announced its list of nominations for this year’s TCA Awards. Among the favorites are The Americans, Breaking Bad, and Orphan Black.

Check out the full list of noms at TV Line.

Personally, I think it’s refreshing to see a lot of the “staples” of the past few years–The Good Wife, Mad Men, Homeland, etc.–off the list. Not that I’m saying those shows aren’t still stellar TV, but I think there have been some really strong recent additions that need recognition as well (Bates Motel and The Walking Dead, to name two). I’m a little disappointed Keri Russell, Freddie Highmore, and anything from Hannibal didn’t make the list, but I am beyond thrilled to see Vera Farmiga and Monica Potter (YAY! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!).

So, what do y’all think of this list? Do you think the TCAs hold any weight? Do you see this list shaping The Emmys?

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