Devious Maids


Well ladies and gentleman, tonight’s the night. All of Lifetime’s endless promotion has brought us to this Sunday night, the premiere of Devious Maids.

A few weeks ago, I screened the first two episodes. I’m not going to launch into a full review, that would just spoil all the fun, but I am going to offer my opinion of the show as a whole. Now, if you were a fan of Desperate Housewives, then you will enjoy this new series. Executive Produced by Eva Longoria and Marc Cherry, Devious Maids doesn’t deviate from Cherry’s usual formula. The set up is the same: five women, a murder, a mystery and not everything is how to appears to be. Let’s touch on the positives:

  • The show is sexy, especially Carmen who really wants to be a singer, played by Roselyn Sanchez and Rosie who is just trying to make enough money to get her son to America, played by Dania Ramirez.
  • The show is funny, All My Children star Susan Lucci is a riot, as can be expected and so is Rebecca Wisochy, who plays Evelyn Powell, an atrocious woman who after discovers her murdered maid asks, “Who is going to clean up the mess?”
  • The show is Sassy.
  • The actors know their roles and play them well.

Negatives: I’m sure you’ve read the criticisms regarding the stereotypes Devious Maids is perpetuating: Latina women who plays maids. Yes, this show follows five maids who work for rich white couples in Beverly Hills. Yes, the people who employ them are obnoxious, ridiculous and self-absorbed, but to marginalize these women as just actress portraying maids isn’t quite fair.

Like I said earlier, there is more to the story for all of these women than meets the eye. New housekeeper, Marisol, played by the fabulous, Ana Ortiz… has an interesting back story. And…learning her background, who she was and what she did before “becoming a maid” will be an intriguing story to watch unfold.

Devious Maids will be a fun summer show to watch after Drop Dead Diva, (Is anyone else happy that Lifetime came to their senses and renewed this series?) It’s no Breaking Bad, but like Ana Ortiz says, “If you were a ‘Desperate Housewives’ fan, this is going to be right up your alley.”

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